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You'll finally some of the stories that we're talking about today we talked yesterday with the incoming house speaker Republican Glenn Kasinga and today, we thought we'd give you the flip side with the Holly McCall who actually ran against Glenn Katherine for that state house seat in Williamson county a couple of years ago. She is the chairman of the Williamson county Democratic Party and wants to be chairman of the Democratic Party for the state of Tennessee, Mary Mancini has held that position. The last I guess four years and Holly has said she wants to bring some new blood some new energy, and and maybe some new tactics to play since again, Democrats ran their best statewide candidates. We've seen in decades well-funded Kharaldine, Phil Bredesen's a lot of their self-funding made them able to really communicate broadly, and yet the Democrats full push for gaining seats in the state house in the state Senate provided a net gain of one state house. Seat which changed I guess the dynamic from Republicans having seventy five out of ninety nine seats to seventy four I guess Holly. That's that's your case. We're we're not winning and we need to change your offense coordinator, the defensive coordinator and the head coach. If we want to get back on a winning track. Like a true UT fan. Doing good morning, Holly. How to be here? How do you change things up in the Tennessee Democratic Party when the National Democratic Party keeps moving so far so extreme to the left? I mean, you've you've had Democrats win in Tennessee who were basically conservative southern Democrats. And what the Democrats it seems to me if lost in Tennessee is those rural and suburban conservative D'amoto Democrats because the the party nationally has moved so far to the left. How do you reverse that trend in one state? Well, it's not going to be easy. And you're absolutely right. I say if I do win, I will be no favorite of the DNC because their messaging is killing southern states. I think Georgia's faring a little bit better than we are. But I actually looked to the Republican party in Tennessee. Strangely. Maybe but as a model for success because growing up here in Franklin, Tennessee, I remember when Williamson county was not always read is it is it was more of a fifty fifty county and Republicans were very smart about building from the base twenty years. They picked off county commission seats and board of mayor and alderman. And here we are today. So one of the first things that propose is really going back to that grassroots like, hyper local grassroots strategy. But don't you have to have issues as the focus? I mean to me it seems that the Democrats in Tennessee for the last twenty thirty forty years, they were they were gun owners proponents of second amendment. They tend to be more pro-life than pro-abortion they tended to be in favor of lower taxes, not higher taxes. And again when you've got the Democratic Party nationally, and in the state moving to the left where LGBTQ issues matter more than farming issues. It's kind of hard to get those conservative Democrats back in the fold. It is and messaging is. Probably the toughest issue we face, and I don't think we've been focusing on that enough. I I had somebody reach out to me. They were very upset. They've got an Email from the Democratic Party talking about getting rid of co. Well, this is somebody from east Tennessee who works at TV a and coal is very important to their business. So yes, we've got the hammer that in and I think you're correct there still are many Tennessee Democrats who they'll still vote democrat, but they are pretty conservative for Democrats. And we've got to try to change the message to show that what we are care about here in this state. If not in Washington are people's right? The right for you to have a hospital in your hometown. And the right for you to be able to afford to get health care for your family and not just a job, but a good paying job. So you can put food on your family's table, and Franklin Delano Roosevelt was considered a radical time. But I think you need to go back to that message of we're more about the economic issues and. Chicken in every pot. Holly. This is Michael Patrick layhee question for you. When will the election be held for the state chairmanship, January twelve so a week from tomorrow, this all goes down, and how do you I know how in the Republican party, you've got the state executive committee that votes, so you're really just catering to an of sixty to ninety voters are going to determine this not not the broad brush of of Tennessee Democratic Party voters across the state, and that's pretty much how ours is done to which makes it tough. I think it's seventy two voters total you've got the sixty six members of the state executive committee, and then the ex-officio house caucus chair Senate caucus chair democratic women young Democrats college Christ, it makes it a tough sell because I'm really funding, and I know people come probably come on the show, but there's a lot of grassroots support for change for some change, you know, Mary van CD defined person. But again after four years if you lose lose. Lose there's going to be a movement, but, you know, the executive committee seed one side, and there are some people who also won't change or very pleased with the way things are going. So please count me among that because I'm very pleased with how y'all are doing it. Well. Clip of that shopping around. Any race? Mary's got the power of incumbency on her side. And she's built strong relationships. And it's it's still gonna be a tough sell. But I think it'll be very close. We certainly hope that that we we have conflicting feelings here. Holly, you talk to us, and you're a sane and rational person and. But, you know, married us and talk to us, nor does her spokesperson. He just says bad words about people like us. And. So we're conflicted when we would be able to have you on and talk to you periodically. But we like how poorly they're doing and we want Mary Nancy need to continue. You said something very interesting. This is part of what I think is wrong with America these days like we've got to where we don't talk to each other. You know, I've got plenty of Republican friends, and that we do not talk to each other just based on party politics is a problem. And there's no way Democrats are ever going to convince people that we are saying if we don't come on your show, for instance, let other folks here so people get here that I am not some blame throwing radical. And it kind of makes me sad that you do not get talk to state Democrats more. But when when you look at it part of your challenge, I think Holly is is you look at the national Democrats. You look at the Alexandria Akhazia Cortez's who are getting all the limelight. Look at this new Muslim woman elected from Dearborn Michigan the leave who goes on screaming at apparently after telling her son the same story that they're going to impeach the m effort in the White House win. That's what people see in here from from the Democrats at the national level. How do you convince them that Tennessee Democrats are more saying that what they're seeing at the national level? I don't have. Don't have all the answers, and that's tough. And there are a lot of media outlets. Not just like FOX's telling one side of the story, but MSNBC and CNN they're telling the same story. So it's pretty hard to escape that. And that is a huge challenge. Like, I had not heard that she used that language, which I find appalling, you know, that's worse. She claims she was telling her young son that that that's what they were gonna do. She was just recounting it to move on dot org. So this is how she apparently talks to her kids. If this is how Democrats talk to their kids, and this is by the way, a woman who paraded around who's an anti Semite whose anti Israel anti-jew in on election night paraded around with a Palestinian flag rather than an American flag. Again, I don't know if y'all paid me huge consulting fees. Holly, I would have to tell you. I may have to turn down the gig. Because I don't know what the answer would be of how do you overcome letting Maxine Waters, and and to leave and. Alien Omar, and these others they are capturing the spotlight, and how do you convince people in Tennessee that y'all aren't crazy when all they're seeing at the national level is crazy. And you know, I don't I don't have the answer that we've gone through pay me a lot of money. I wouldn't have the answer for you. I think Tennessee southern Democrats have always been different for Democrats in the rest of the country. And I do think you can you can reconcile being progressive as I said, I think progressive values more about giving people rights, but the also the right to get healthcare, etc. But I think it's going to be tough for us to get that reconciled because you're correct people. Do see what's being aired nationally? And I got some calls during the cabinet hearing. I got a call for gentleman who said, well, I just I voted democrat before, but I can't vote democrat because I don't like what I'm saying on TV. And and let me be clear, I am a yellow dog democrat. I think I might have voted for Republican once in my life, but I do. When I was running for congress years ago in Williamson county that probably me. Sparkle..

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