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Is now is his brain now he's just 84 and he doesn't give an f anymore like he just does not give an f and like clearly the guy interviewing him for vulturelike knew a lot about music to so they were just completely having a great conversation and then he asked him about cosby and he's like i shouldn't polite i shouldn't talk about that what's your sign like he just like literally they started talking about there's like he's like i'm a pices oh me too the crate interview this guy is a guy like it is in well maybe we'll talk about next time but it it like i think it was so crazy because we're not used to hearing blatant honesty you're saying with remillard like where we're just not accustomed to the truth were arched truth and we're we are so accustomed to uh uh politician speak right safe words'safe tones making sure that if you say look guys i love red but also yeah lose good uh i'm not saying the blue isn't valid just saying the red it's nice to every calm down just down now that he likes blue a good on the olympics something interesting happened yes this this this olympia and from hungary yes basically gamed the system right well she's actually american that she just went to hungary to qualify because repair our grandparents are hungarian her mom is venezuelan and she tried to get ready for audience breaks are headed high interrupted you'll know no but you know this better than i guess surnames elizabeth sweney she's 33 years old she is a computer engineer like a software engineer so i mean she's good at hacking says she totally hacked the olympics system and she qualified for the half type and made it to the olympic on skis on skis bruce or notes on snowboarding it's it's no on skis halfpipe at so she's 33yearold she's an american but she went she found a way to get on the hungarian to right and says she ended up qualifying for the olympics she came in dead last but she can say she's an olympian forever and she basically did it.

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