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A pretty good chance. They're nice right pad save from Rymer. I don't know if that was a. Not sure what they called that one. It looked like it might have gone up. Channel. Then event we gotta face off here at home winding back trying to get the jump on this play. Aren't grow down. The right side Matheson with a backhand clears it the bark off, and that's over the left shoulder of echo was he comes back. Quickly. The Nashville at three thirty five remaining predators down two goals. The past two Ellis ahead now for Smith. Down into the trapezoid. Visit there out of the right board for Frank Metron. And he Latins out the blade lobs. It down. Yarn Karuk tried to go ahead of data and off he got knocked off course. And then sent Mitro check back with a trapezoid on the right wing side falling down trying to get the puck up around McCann. That was Alice. Left wing side four Fiala sceviour covers him. And now the puck is poked back to the Florida blue line to fifty five remaining Matheson drills one end Sarah's makes the stop now. The puck down in trying to flip it out. And brought Sarah's was momentarily out of position. And now he's imposition to make a stop in tight on Colton sceviour bucks'll, still free and fraught tro. Check trying to get over there. Now, it is which is echoed left side to thirty three remaining in the third. Here's Forsberg streaking in goaltender off the extra attacker to twenty eight to go predators net is empty. Around the boards. It goes to sue Ben back to the right wing corner. Arvidsson reforms Berg went around him to Yosi Yosi trying to keep the puck in zone, but could not thanks to the work there. Of data off sent back in and now lobbed out data off trying to settle it down. Can't and fires wider the empty net. An offside is call. Dad, complete path three to the empty net that puck flipped any overskated it and Cossio side. And then of course, he missed the Antionette frustration shooting and after a good break for the predators. This puck is going to be in the Panthers.

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