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Yeah i left you the klu the clue who was murdered yeah yeah it's a weird it's a weird the man i talked about long enough anything else no no casey oh no no well then let's begin now elm rule that yet in wall cleveland one film roulette is our weekly segment where relief three of us role of die and the two highrollers get to go see something good this week it was a winner's choice and the low roller has to see something terrible this week it was the stray a doggy movie a movie about dargis enlightening but the lower your thank you those two things together you got dogan my lightning might minion my dog the low earlier gets to give the winners now to listen to you for the rest of the week as punishment so this week it was winners choice in i watched a movie uh that won't i didn't know if anyone else who is going to watch but i thought maybe i was very as other the trailer and i was like give me some of that yeah yeah so we we ended up seeing the same thing yeah um it's called brave in from 2018 threatened by lin olding starring jason momoh are it is about a lager defending his family from a group of dangerous drugrunners now this is getting about two point nine on average at a five stars on letterbox now what compelled both of you to watch this trailer trailer all really is very good i as they are at like it is dismal moley look good fucking guided i below belt.

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