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But let me tell you in case you're unfamiliar. What this story is about in a nutshell. This is haunted house tale now it said in japan and it's filled with characters that are from malaysia which is a melting pot and leave and comment on that. And so we get this really beautiful diversed cast of characters and different backgrounds and even some bisexuality representation which is really cool. What really will attract you to. This book is first of all the gorgeous gorgeous cover art. It's really stunning and gross. Then let's talk about what's blurb d- so i. While the tagline for the book is the bride gets lonely down there in the dirt Brutally delicious caused a master of teasing your senses and then terrorizing them. You know who said that cage jemison. Oh my goodness no. Big deal to send jameson. Bestselling author the fifth season. How about this. It's got a smile so wicked. You might just have to grin along with it. I know i did stephen graham jones. Oh my goodness the only good indians author among other things but we did review that on the show. Just jameson. Fifth season to kingfisher authored. The twister ones delicate and disgusting. Each paid holds an image. Were finally drawn and disturbing than the last you see words. I mean brutally delicious loses dread folklore fans. I mean what you need to know is a group of old friends who get together for a little bit of a kind of a last hurrah after the Kind of scattered to the winds for various reasons and the two of them are getting married and so they're gathered at this ancient mansion in japan. That is supposed to be haunted because just like us. They love spooky things and go stories and well. What do you think happens so you go to a haunted house and you are haunted person. Visit sure think they like haunted things and spooky. But it's always been a good time in the past. Yeah it's scary time One of the okay. I guess i'll let you know what i'm just going to jump into it. This was an absolute obsession for me. session i was looking forward to this book and it did not disappoint me. In fact it exceeded my expectations. I think it was beautiful and poetic. The pros is absolutely luscious lushes. It is like poaching it reads more like poetry than than like. Just like a point and click. Go story part of the poignancy that i love about. This is that it's not set in a location..

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