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Under yellow flags, which caught him afraid beefy giving science series offense. I'm just loving the way that we're writing your. Boy You're challenging as of the, but yet you are. You are perfectly right. It is about whole weekend. It was interesting that. I android in that media's action was explicit in the way that he apologized to Carlos for that. PULL PITSTOP AND He, he did say our ambition must be to be more consistent with pitstop timing because I wasn't good enough. It shows sort of the level of detail. He's bringing to to that same the. It was only a tiny delay. They had to reset the. The the whale, but it was costly because he got dumped into traffic and did actually get past Reichen fairly quickly, but it's a measure like John says that. At a small mistake like that candy hugely costly and it's like midfield. But the good news for McLaren. Is these t weekends have proven? That car is strong. You know to start it I think both times third on the grid once was g tour. Thanks a penalty, but That cars up their front front end of that midfield pack if we define. If we put racing point into over the front panel headed midfield pack, but you McLaren's up there. The still a question mark on in does struggle on high fuel Is it not strongly fueled undress? I'll wasn't convinced that was definite so fast we need. We need another weekend to say on that, but. It's a quick car is together. You got two great drivers. You've got London who stepped up to the plate of seek got a packet underneath them that they can fight. Absolutely will just before we come onto our final topics of this pasta as a rule having a great time trying to write my driver ratings for me I urge all listeners to autosport dot, com plus a Monday morning where he can find out exactly. Why gave everybody having given all the way by the end of this episode? Is there a way for them to use you as well for your choices? Yeah, the forums down the YouTube. Channel Are you going to be on Youtube talking about this is films now. Yes, on Youtube. Positive feedback especially about my. Good luck on that, it's a good thing that there's only two people allowed in the studio. Anyone time now, the Houston they cameraman. You just appears little thing on the screen like Max Headroom Dougie. Whoops cultural. Reference Look. WHO's Max Headroom? No idea what that means just google. Max Headroom after the end of this odd cast. Time for frivolous matters, called United States very important work to be done on Sunday nights, but yesterday right Mahabir moving swiftly swiftly on. Let's go to Williams and George. Russell League you and I had a very very good about he's fantastic. Qualifying session at a great start went straight by some veteran who visibly having a very poor start, which go even worse when Charles. going? On Rosso E, did he? Oh, he was fighting with Kevin, Magnusson or just after the safety car restart where because of the Ferrari drivers that they breathe air, the been caused in that incident Choi to hang on around the outside of turn, six or the House on the inside. Gets. Straight off into the gravel to be fair is held his hands up off the race I mean again not really much he could do. It was Dr. Beer unfortunate for also, but yet did. Did good workers today I was a big Arrow, yeah, and I think he off. The often is pretty pretty accepting them. Put his hands up and said he just got it wrong and made a mistake and. He also didn't sort of sugar coat Williams's race. Pay Struggles, and he said that they came into. These weekends thinking qualifying pace be the weakness in the right space would be where they could really fight back, and is the complete opposite of that it's been qualifying and over one that weather really strong L. C. nearly make youtube last weekend, and then did so brilliantly in almost make you three in the writing on Saturday. Then in the race, he he said, yeah, even without area would probably been a long hard race that would have seen them slipped back in a slump towards the bottom and the orders, so yeah babe was still a big shame. Seem make narrow light that you remember. This is a guy. He's not really been in many sort of. Battles with lots of other cars with the exception of rubber concern since his FDA, he's being in sort of they've been own territory at the very back of the grid and is wonderful. Williams. No longer in that sort of poetry like that made such a big step forward to they can actually now get into these fights with the other cars and I. Think it's just really really good. There to do that, so yeah, I'm sure. George will learn from its as acne and of course. But, yeah, it would have been really cool to see just how long he could say that fight with the now for America is. Typically is that that right space was was pretty poor around. But. What about a word for for Nicholas Latifi? I think in qualifying I think he he, he showed very well actually in the wet conditions, and was actually rather unfortunate. The key one red flag actually helped George Russell because. If he was one of the first drivers to come upon the end of his lap when the red flags flying and yet it did quite well in the race..

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