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Everything is over. Donlevatar? Remember, remember, Stu gods? And also, but remember remember remember remember, these these liveth our show with Stu gods on ESPN radio. So a lot of people are objecting to the board indifference that we are showing toward the final four the matchup of these four teams here. But what I would simply say to you is because I know a lot of people are going to be criticizing Duke today. And how could you know, coach K lose with the best player? He's ever gonna have. Right. This is an and they keep getting top recruiting classes, and they keep a not reaching the final four the last three years. They've got the best recruits to get all the best players, and they're not getting there. But to me, I always chalk it up to one game samples or impossible. This is a bad measurement the way that we do this. It's a lot of fun, but it's a bad measurement and to that point who had this final four nobody because it's a bad measurement. Because there can be random knits all over the place. This isn't the final four that anybody had somebody had it. I mean, I'm certain like someone got monkey they have ended up. Brag about it. And that's what they should do. But you're right. Most people don't brag about something. That is guesswork though. They'll brag totally you do could have been gone. We would have been ripping coach K two games ago. Like do could have been called three times in this tournament. I mean, listen when you come in with this recruiting class, and maybe the best player you've ever had in Duke history. Some people would argue arguments Grant Hill you have to do better than the elite eight now there's only two more rounds. You can go to be better. But you have to finish it off. And they did not just under eight thousand had the the final four, right? But that's out of seventeen point two million up. I'm talking about experts. I'm talking about people who do this for a living. Prediction people? Thank you. But I was talking about like if we knew anything about what it is that we were watching in one game Sables what I'm saying. Is anyone game sample? I don't make it as this person is. Blame man Purdue. There. These teams that are losing in overtime. They're losing in a way they have their season ended. And you're like, okay, we're gonna play five minutes of basketball here to determine who's who's better? Right. So you think that team that do team if they played a best of seven against any of these teams? They would win. That's essentially what you're saying. Right. I mean, I don't know what would happen. If you see just kept letting them shoot all game from the perimeter and just kept packing the paint. I don't know what would have happened with look. This was a flawed Duke team. You've got your saw that they were playing seven players. They've got three great players and then nothing else, and they've got no shooting and the greatest failure of coach K is how do you put together a team with those three players, and you don't have to shooters to go with. I think what happened to Duke was. They were expecting to have three great players. They had one great player one good player and one. So so still don't know if he's any good in Cam reddish type player. I mean, you said was the best of them. All. Yeah. He's still might be. We'll see ten years from now he's the pivot. He still might be. I mean athletic ability. I know what is up, but they had one star. Don't remember what you said? I don't don't. But one superstar. And I don't think what coach K was was accounting for was he would have to carry this entire team..

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