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Three your news because i want to hear about that new iphone let's hear from marshall of houston getting a break david massive flooding now affecting two more texas cities as tropical storm harvey moves northeast prediction is flooding in port arthur and beaumont texas is going to be as bad if not worse than the flooding he'd hughes fit senator her ted cruz i just saw a photograph of the i 10 free way headed out by beaumont that was completely under water at had wave that look like you're looking at the gulf of mexico so this remains a very dangerous door now since friday a record level of more than fifty one inches of rain has fallen in the houston area it is unimaginable that she's unimaginable did you brought that anywhere people in hugging about whether they're prepared an honor to have the right to protection zor of the city one of your new you can drop four feet three inches rain on any put it in the world but it's going to be underwater the three inches hardest rain you'd ever seen in your life if if you got three inches rain that i of my god that works out by the way to nineteen trillion gallons of water that is enough to cover all of alaska california and texas within inch of water vat is an amazing statistic nineteen trillion gallons wow well as the as the war drags on sixteen years and counting now agreement with president trump's plan to send more troops to afghanistan is pretty much divided among voters there's a new politico pull out the show's forty five percent of voters are in supporters sending more troops to afghanistan forty one percent are against the idea and fourteen percent had no opinion backing for the troop increase is greater among republicans then democrats were independence it fits well we've been at this for quite a while now it's a little disturbing to me how people support the war when there are guys president men or against it when they're guys not for that that chunk of people bothers me growth that like have no position on whether were accomplishing any thing or or can accomplish anything the.

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