Columbus, Cameroon, Andrew Beckett discussed on Rush Limbaugh


And in order to not derail that obama told his justice department treasury department to stop pursuing hezbollah as they're running cocaine into the us conducting money laundering it's a bombshell little literal bombshell that nobody knows about even though it is in the politico gaza can at a time out quickly but back before him away the now a look back at this week in history this week weekend nineteen seventy two the last lunar landing mission ends apollo seventeen and the last three astronauts to travel to the moon splashdown safely in the pacific ocean from ninety sixty nine to nineteen 72 there were six successful lunarlanding missions and one aborted mission apollo thirteen although apollo seventeen was the last lunar landing the last official apollo mission was conducted in july of nineteen 75 when and apollo spacecraft successfully rendezvous and docked with the soviets soya's nineteen spacecraft in orbit around earth this week a 1993 philadelphia starring tom hanks the first major hollywood movie to focus on the subject of aids opens in theaters in the film hanks plays andrew beckett against attorney who was unjustly fired from his job because he suffers from aids hanks went on to win best actor at the academy awards this week 1950 six a baby gorilla named colo enters the world at the columbus zoo in ohio becoming the first ever guerrilla born in captivity weighing in at approximately four pounds colo a western lowland gorilla whose name was a combination of columbus in ohio was the daughter of million mack two guerrillas captured in french cameroon africa who brought to the columbus zoo 19 fifty one and this week in 1937 new york.

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