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What's happening? I can't take it. I WANNA get back. To where everyone is American. and. Your father would be. Father, be so proud of you. My father! Proud. and. Every Christmas. He sent all five of his kids as a gift, the limbaugh letter. And, I miss that. That he's gone, someone said I have sent our four sons the limbaugh letter. To keep that tradition going. You know a love Karen. You just reach about twenty five million people in you just spoke about twenty five million people you did you did listen people here? Sincerity and what I hear from. You is pure sincerity and love for a freedom fighting father who sacrificed so much. It's a beautiful thing. He said, thank you. Thank you for calling Russia. Show can thank you. You hear things like this sometimes. As a radio host. And you realize the power of what this thing is. I I heard rush speak of an earlier in the commercial in Promo about the show. And about the limbaugh letter. That this art form that man created because talk radio does not exists without being rescued by rush. Talk about that one day. I speak through a microphone to you. Connected in this way that we're all connected on this day before Independence Day without a script. I was prayed that God. Help Guide me and what I say, and for all these years thirty years. This community has been connected because of this medium and so I hope that today or tomorrow in addition to blushing family and thank God that you just take some time to think. Rush for all the independence on a filling in for rush limbaugh..

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