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So I don't really get headaches. I'm very fortunate like even when I've had concussions like I don't seem to really struggle with headaches afterwards. But during training, I struggled with headaches because when you're taking that many bumps, you know, your head kind of kind of off the mat? And so, yeah, I remember having to take Tylenol or something like I had everybody had bought bottle over the counter, of course, pain pills. But like it was intense, and we were sore and we were bruised. It wasn't the most painful part of my career because of the path I chose. But it was that's a rough way too. You know, when you're training that much each day. So when did you did you Russell for a little bit kind of? Let's call that pro style. Yeah. You know, did you have a bunch of matches like that? And then graduate into the the majority of the matches. I've had in my career are just regular non death matches. But it's simply the fact that that stuff gets more attention. So that's kind of what's risen to the surface. But yet the vast majority of the matches I had were regular wrestling matches. And especially when I moved to Minnesota, and I was living there. I found a couple of companies that would want to do the extreme stuff. But that crowd that fan base wasn't quite ready for it. It was more. Just like remember the old, I guess like, Nick, Bach winkle, and the claw. And all those local guys, you know, that's still their idea of what wrestling is in. So they let me do some high spots in some flips and kicks and all that stuff. But most of them didn't want to really do the blood and the the weapons. So we'll man you your career basically lasted I mean, you went on your pretty much tenure hide you made your comeback, which was baseless and all for low Monte, Rory. But your basic career lasted four or five years. Yeah. Yeah. It was it was just under five years when I mean do debt was red land at about nine thousand RPM's. Yeah. So you've got a lot of miles on you and a short period of time. Yeah. What what concerns me a little bit is? You know, I I have Kurt wrestlers that the the guys that were inspired by death match. Tell me like I look up to you. And what you did. But the thing is most people when they get into wrestling. They're thinking this is going to be a career. This is going to be a longer term. You know venture. My initial goal was to only wrestle for about one to two years. It was going to be a break after high school, then I was going to go to art school and continue on with life. So I actually did it longer than I had planned on. But I was burning the candle at both ends, you know. And I knew it wasn't. You know a. Viable way to have a long-term. Wrestling crew actually plan to get into business for a year or two and then get out. Yeah. That was never heard. It's bizarre. It's it's it takes you more years to really lied. I didn't understand like I in my mind, I was watching EC CW and start lifting weights and trying to put weight on in my mind, I'm gonna finish school..

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