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Golden state killer case that decision allows the release of information about the search and capture the suspect through dna evidence decades after the case went cold margaret wardlow was thirteen years old when the golden state killer broke into a sacramento area home and raped her didn't think he'd be caught and i always said if they catch him if he's alive i wouldn't be surprised if he's just hiding out in sacramento just like under everybody else's under everyones noses investigators i hone in on joseph di angelo a seventy two seventy two year old former police officer as a possible suspect after matching crime scene dna to that of a family member of the angelo who had submitted a genetic profile to a genealogical website police arrested nine people after bottles were hurled at officers trying to break up a gathering in south la officials say it happened friday afternoon at ninety eighth street in avalon boulevard were police responded to reports of a group of more than one hundred people some of them gang members causing problems while holding a barbecue some threw bottles at arriving officers but none of the officers were hurt a man in the hospital after telling police he was stabbed by an unknown attacker while he was inside vons market in echo park with his mother you told him vest gators a he and his mom were shopping in the stores florida department friday night when the other man suddenly came up and stabbed him in the neck for no reason then ran away local political leaders say that there is some hope coming from this year's homeless count in los angeles county the numbers are down but a daunting task remain while the number of people experiencing homelessness decreased for the first time in four years down three percent since last year there are still more than fifty three thousand without a home a good number of them over the age of sixty two economic factors such as high poverty rates.

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