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Do business nice place that takes your spouse nice place to go on a honeymoon for you been and a great place to have dinner. But the last place you do a startup in businesses has become the startup engine for Europe because they focused on how did they do that. And they moved from one hundred forty startups a year venture capital back to seven hundred as looted to earlier, and it's a little surprising that a country like France has a digital strategy. But here in the US we still don't have a national digital strategy. Why is that? And if we did, what would you. Like to see in that plan, we think we're the startup nation and we think that we're entitled to be the innovative nation. We're not. We're not even in the top ten according to the Bloomberg index anymore, and innovation and our startups, which used to number four to five hundred a year during the nineties and hit a peak of seven hundred. The go peo- initial public offering. We're only going to be about two hundred thirty this year, and that's up from the prior two years. We will never generate twenty five to thirty million new jobs in the next decade for your listeners and as well as replace those jobs that get displaced because of artificial intelligence and digitisation. And this we get this country to be a startup engine again. And it's something that perhaps could bring Democrats and Republicans together with a common vision and it can't be just Silicon Valley California or New York. It has to be all fifty states and which see two ventures voted to play a small role on how do you do this and our startups across all seven states all. Although it clearly be safer just to stay in California where I know the companies can backchannel anybody know the VC's. But once again, I'm trying to play a small role in helping to change the world. You're working on ways to help folks in your home state of West Virginia. Turn that state into a new hub for tech innovation that certainly seems like a better long-term strategy than just promising folks. You're gonna bring back coal jobs. Well, I think it's very important that we recognize that all Americans have a right to good job and a better standard of living than their parents and for their children. They have a better San living that they do. We're losing that and we're losing it because we're not creating enough startups across heartland of America to the central and southeast part, and it does not help. When companies in Silicon Valley say, we're going to give you a staife, and if you lose a job or criticize their political views, that's overconfidence, which does tremendous damage. And so the -bility to say, even if we bring back co jobs, it won't be. One hundred twenty five thousand. We lost. It will largely be automation in the minds and the chemical industry would not come back, but we could do startups. They're in a unique way and partner with West Virginia university and venture capital capability to maybe maybe focus on healthcare and the opioid epidemic, and to focus about how you get new generations of companies that will grow in a market's going to grow for the future, not for the past. And if that type of concept works, there's no reason that you couldn't do startups not just in every city, but startups cod very tightly to the universities in each state and get a startup community and ecosystem going there, which is what is required and maybe to do this on a scale that our nation needs. So I'm a risk taker. The president of West Virginia university. Gordon gate clearly gets it the political leadership West Virginia gets it, but Democrats and Republicans and.

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