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News floodwaters ravaging southern texas damages already catastrophic but forecasters say it will get worse us tropical harvey lashes the area with rain for a few more days in houston first responders have been reduced queuing people all day this farmers says his group saved at least thirty people with that man lotta not a bit fishermen you know the city very prepared for her disappointed meghan our personal stuff out of here no a fireman liu more than one thousand people rescued from the houston area fox has matt fenice talking to folkston mayerling just outside houston while ago we also talked to a gentleman who said he for the first time ever here in houston he abandoned his home entirely because the flood waters were rising just too fast that he said that his wife and children packed into a car he brought his the new over to his brother who lives in this neighborhood because he figures his brother's now going to need it houston's already gotten about twenty to twenty five inches of rain so how much more rain could we see this is a digital to what we've already got and while you're looking at some of these numbers climbing up to maybe another thirty inches 25 inches anyway added to what we've already seen fox meterologist adam cloth the national hurricane center says some slight restring thinning as possible after harvey centers move two off the coast and that'll be happening monday night and tuesday hurricane harvey came ashore friday night in rock portects us many of those residents just now getting to see that the damage there was heartbreaking absolutely heartbreaking uh the whole downtown just a mess absolute mess our friends and.

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