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Good morning america. This is the cast roundtable trunk cats here sunday morning. A morning to relax sometimes on a saturday night or sunday night. You look up in the skies and you never know what you're going to see well bring us up to date this morning. We have steve. Kates his nickname. Dr sky morning steve. How are you this morning on doing great john. Good to be with you in the listeners. Lots of information to share with you and the listeners about what's above us Here we go kind of interesting stuff this morning. You know john. It's a thought that many of the comments that we see in the sky over the last centuries they all come from an area way out beyond the planets cold and or cloud to leftover material creation of the solar system and we have news coming into us that an object on a six hundred thousand year orbit maybe a comet or an asteroid two hundred and thirty miles in diameter. it's headed in the direction of the sun. Don't worry it's not gonna hit us. It's now past neptune's orbit within twenty thirty one. John this object komo's close to the as we've we have solar system as the planet saturn and if it's comment this is one of the largest comets ever discovered the undertook. The record before was a common call sar bets common which was then thought back in seventeen twenty nine to be sixty miles in diameter. So the point is we're not detecting things way out there in orbits that we never thought were possible all because of the great technology john so many things happening in the sky. I understand we can have a special kind of moon this weekend. Yes john this is interesting. The last of the great super moons of twenty twenty one. This one happened on the twenty fourth still visible in the sky. Most full moon. But it's the lack of a so-called super moons meaning that the moon was closest to the time that we call parody when the earth and the moon or closest and when those two lineup we get this amazing thing called the super bowl much larger and brighter. But that's the last one of twenty twenty one. We had them in the last few months. Just a spectacular sight to see and it's so beautiful job on the moon gets within two hundred and twenty two thousand miles of the earth. A great site on the sky. Wow and then nasa. I got a bulletin from nasa. The craft was watching the Chinese rover moving around. Yes and it's interesting orbital spacecraft and We have some that are still obviously doing great jobs. Yeoman's job up around in orbit around mars but the story about this chinese lander..

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