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Calm down do no. Don't let this isn't funny okay. It is serious areas to him. Here's try I need a win. Con romalis aesthetic. Is You know you've worked at Imola A lot. But his aesthetic is much more intense than yours. How do you decide how do you decide when there will be A sharp joke moment like that on a show that is almost entirely consistent and gentlemen town. Oh I guess just by putting Connor in the episode. Is that good yeah. He's so funny in there we we've serve really similar interest EG Bite is actually based on something that he does for real at breakfast now. Why don't we just kind of put it in the script and do the step by step and that's all there was to here? It's it's a balance of the you know went to hit on in really hard jokes and went to kind of resist But Yeah I don't know having connors just discreet discreet. As a writer I think he wrote on my favorite episodes. This coming season about going to the grocery store need not even in it but you can tell that. There's some really sharp jokes at hand stuff. I never think of because of stuff that hits Outside of my mic comedy tone. That is just very you know straightforward Funny I don't know on the other way to describe so you started doing comedy when you were eighteen in Buffalo. which is your hometown? What were the what were the circumstances? Don't think about my my Starting out in comedy too much things as they haven't taken the time to reflect back but it was. I thought about the seller week. It was stand up comedy classes at University of Buffalo. I took it while I was just. Maybe I guess Sousse between junior and senior year of high school and is topped by Alan. Try Bell who was a original. SNL writer he a Rhode Island Garry shandling show. And he's a great writer now a lot of done a lot of great books but the Me Unlike who's not pig less than ten other people but nothing wrong with a lot of middle aged people like looking to you know getting the comedy so at the end of the week. That was my assignment to do. Stand up set and I did it and I don't think it was very good. But the Allen who's very nice and It was good to get to do it there when you started doing it seriously. Was it in New York City. Yeah during that a little bit in buffalo but Tom I realized that I mean I wanted to do it. Hopefully fleet for a living someday in the it's not It's pretty tough from Buffalo. So onto do is in in. I knew I had to move away. I didn't than it was. It was good bill out of my my closest friends through doing stand up in New York. Had this really great is the. I'm glad I did. It was tough to start here but I. I'm very happy that I did. Was it a difficult decision Not just is to move to New York but to decide. Yes I actually do want to do this for a living especially being in Buffalo. Where as you said you know you can't do it for a living in buffalo floor is very difficult to do it for a living in buffalo here on news item on peak corny but is really kind of a dream? I knew upon to do it and so when I had the opportunity I moved. I put my head down live really cheap and I kind of weird. We're by said like I just focused on this and not worry about other things or you know a put aside a bunch of other first off to just work on focus on comedy news so great it was like the coolest thing just to be Kinda like well. We're working on the show when it we'll just kind of I guess just focused on doing a good job but the the one thing that is such a treat to just focus on comedy and just think about comedy all the time I still do. This is something that you didn't know when you moved to New York that you learned through Disciplined I use the the biggest thing that is a bunch of things is just how to do comedy at the pace that I wanted to. I'm not I'm not With your quick thinking side I figured out how to do it and taking it at my own own pace Hopefully without boring the audience and has kind of the the the goal over time that must have been a very difficult Paul thing to learn to do on a New York stand up stage. I mean I'm sure you were playing A lot of rooms that were relatively friendly friendly to that. You know there are plenty of great You know so-called rooms that you can play in New York where people are are there to see he something interesting. But there's also you know a huge tradition of fast-talking slightly belligerent. New York comedy and like to step on stage and own the stage without matching that energy after something like that is on stage strikes me as his real challenge. You know what I mean. Yeah it makes it is fun. I'm kind of glad that I did. Start a New York for their reason acres. There's some someone said earlier. Might be the reason why the show works on. All swim is that there's something louder and faster coming before that when my show come Amman or if I go on on stage in New York during his show and the person before me was like I love sex. Here's todd the here's how I like to surge. Swear and then I go and I you know I do about My favorite piece of Pie. I there's a good contrast than getting to the to keep the interest. I mean sometimes the audience would be interested. Uh of the bad but you know how do I get my writing to the level. Where am writing stuff that can hold the attention the entire set? Not just you talking about My favorite piece of Pie. But how do I take my pipe it to the next level make it ten minutes and quietly entertaining for for ten minutes and then the next guy comes on and goes yes I also love. Excuse me I'm sorry to swear in there but then you know and then I guess it Kinda worked in a nice way that they thought about the piece of Pie breath maybe I will raise the actual bit when we get done with dinner view. What was the? What was the first thing that you remember writing that really work that you're really proud of I think it's online but An those people in Buffalo Kit for obvious reasons by Joke about the buffalo bills. About how they they they lose for the so that the families in the area can bond more and I remember. It's like a on paper. It's like a few pages. It's a six minute bit and it's it ties together. A lot of stuff and I was very proud I remember. I spent a lot of time working on that on paper deeper and then testing it on stage when it came together. It's kind of a bit. That is hopefully funny and surprising. Also maybe make make people feel a little something. I don't know I've not sure about that. But it seems to and kind of leave the spaces in there to let let people think about their on Sunday afternoons watching football or going on drive with their family and They're kind of putting those things together. I think that bit in particular kind of combine. The things that I'm still working on now on Youtube if anybody's interested I just search Buffalo Bills Joke. It is titled Buffalo Bills Jack. I was about to mention that I was watching it before we started talking. Oh cool yeah not so relevant this year. Going to the Super Bowl Jesse. Well we'll see what the San Francisco Forty niners have to say about that when they both get there all right. I mean if the bills playoff game those off but I shouldn't say that I should say the buffalo bills are when the Super Bowl. This year. We have lots more to get into with Joe Para. Don't go anywhere when we come back from the break. 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