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What does he hit me up with? Okay, So the one thing that's as I'm reading our select Channel Santa and it's a good point. Sant there wanted to see Kershaw silences critics more emphatically. As did I. The difference between me and Mike? Is that I realized that in the year 2020 you are less in control of the circumstances. Then you were like in 1980. You know, Tommy Lasorda comes out to take out I don't know. You know me? I don't even know Fernando could speak English. I'm not trying to be funny there. I really don't know if he did speak great English, more Mexico. I don't know. But like you take Burt Hooten. I don't know anybody from the seventies that were 81. And bird who's got a better chance to win that Tommy John. Better chance to win that Skip. I'm good. Then you know Blake Snell, who's got no chance to win because it's already predetermined. So Sanders point And we could we could get into this a little bit here is that you know some of the great pitchers of all time. Randy Johnson. Great postseason moments. Greg Maddux. Not that many. Actually, Pedro some good, some really bad by the way. Kirk Gibson, October Beast Roger Clemens some really good, some really bad. It's kind of a mixed bag like I feel like you. Just lump it all of it. Not all the old time greats were October demons. No exploring, and I don't think they need to be in I mean, if you're looking for that emphatic moment for t justify Clayton Kershaw's greatness than then I'm sorry way want to say like exactly Clayton Kershaw. And I think we have the sound on this, You know, talking about what it means to when the wind is violently when a championship It was. I mean, that's what it's all about the him he doesn't care if he silenced his postseason critics and why would he? He's got a championship ring, and it was part of he was part of a great team that should have, you know, probably one more. Maybe they will win more. Who knows? But that That that that accomplishment you can never, ever ever ever take away from him, And that's really all that matters. I've been saying, you know, World Series champs in my head over and over again, just to see if it'll sink in and Just so you know, I can't put it in a word yet. I'm just so so very thankful to be a part of this group of guys. And that's what matters. You know what I mean? It was the the narrative that we want to talk about with Clayton Kershaw it in the day. Who cares? He's kind of ring right now, But I think he cared up until last night. I think he could get into the thing. I don't think I only cared Is the right word. I think he was aware of it. No, Take care. Yeah, because cared if a PT, you know this, you go out and you play a game and you do it the best you can. It's not like he's out there, you know, messing up on purpose. I'm not an all time. Great like from me. We can't can't compartmentalize that if if he was If somebody I take. I really disagree. I'm not saying that it affected his performance necessarily. But to think that he wasn't so motivated to change the direction of that energy that that negative energy toward his legacy. I think it's rolled him. Yeah, I really do. So what changed this year from previous? Nothing change. He just I believe he really now Khun exult that exhale in the in the accomplishment Now it loosens him up. I believe that it was I think he's always been lose. I think he was just managed better like so let's let's let's not forget that there was there were moments Clayton Kershaw as much as we people want to bash him about his postseason failures. Even with those per season failures with his accomplishments. He's still one of the greatest postseason pitchers of all time. You know what I mean? What I want? I'm saying, even with his failures you did. You put him put him right there. Next to his accomplishments. He's still one of the greatest postseason pitchers of all time. Right. And now maybe one of the altar, not post E one of the all time well, like I'm all time, best singers of all time, but he, but he's had some great postseason moments. Also, for sure, right, he's done. He's got 10 games of giving up one run in victory. There's Clemens and mathematics and not automatic. Clemens and Smalls. I forget the other two. He's tied with its its seventh of all time with that, that that number. Koufax might be Kovacs, but he's done some epic things in the postseason. He's just never won a ring, and he's had some epic failures. And so when I talk about how he's managed, this is an idea. This was the idea that people have been putting out their free for years. You know that he struggles once he gets to six or seven. Pullem, Right? Don't let the gut you know your gut or his influence sway you do is Dave Roberts did this year when he gets to that That in and you feel like he's been a couple of times with rotation is even if it's stuff looks good, trust the team, right, trust the team's behind him in the bullpen and let them carry his legacy for him, and that's what they did this year. I disagree with that, too. I don't think and I can't prove this. But I did say it after Game one. I think that the Ricans listen. Game one. He had a plus stuff..

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