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He's always yelling and I was like, come on. There was no mama around vet that there's parents. Paying rent? It's okay we'll their puppets. No, this is different man. This cure assigning values on things that are just puppet was in a bathtub together. And they weren't kids because Burt was always went to work. So let me but it's amazing. Say you might not want to admit it. But if you and it's okay, you know, we're show, the people to say light on things just watching the show. They were puppets puppets in the bathtub soggy, when they get out because of the material. Well, it wasn't real bath. It looked like suds, right? They shared a room. Roommates beim for tonight, the warriors are down two games to one. No, Kevin Durant Claes gonna play. But we don't know how effective is going to be spot minutes. Maybe we'll see. I mean we I mean he's gotta go though. You can't try to manage the minutes because you're gonna lose if you're only playing clay for twelve fifteen twenty minutes, you're probably not gonna win the game. You're gonna need him to play his thirty plus minutes the way that he has all season long. If you're going to do it play this out for a second. Let's say that the warriors lose tonight they're down three one. Katie's not bad. At that point. It looks like it's probably a wrap that even even the warriors are probably have a hard time, winning two games in Toronto and winning three in a row. That's ask, what if they have full strength? I'm okay with that. But it get the full strength eighties back by now. The odds are he's probably not coming back. I mean, we'll see we'll see how it plays foam on this. Let's say that they lose tonight and then the series goes the way that it would probably go at that point to Rana wins the NBA championship. We know Kevin Durant free agent. We know that Klay Thompson is a free agent and we know that the. The warriors are at a point where things are going to be different moving forward. Could this tonight if they lose tonight, could this be the end of the warrior dynasty, we've seen team win three championships? We see them go to the finals, five years in a row. This is unprecedented stuff, if it comes to an end tonight, basically, in the sense that they go down three two, one is that the end of the warrior dynasty, does break-up Katie leave do people start going on where and all of a sudden the warriors running the NBA for the last five six years, that's just over. But what's the what's the definition of dynasty though winning championships? And being in the finals over and over and over again the same way the patriots the same way the warriors the bulls, the Lakers all the teams that were there year after year after you don't have to win it every time. But you may be out of five. Right. Is that what it would be three out of five? If they lose it this time. No, I don't think so, because Kevin Rankin leave Klay Thompson. It seems like everything is pointing to him going back to Oakland and being part of the warriors, obviously Draymond. They're a Steph isn't going anywhere. So I think that if clay goes back in Katie elects to leave. They could steal contend for championships for the next several years. But if both were to leave thing, yeah, but if one were to leave, then we'll, but the idea, let's say let's say it's Klay. Let's say it Stephan Draymond. They keep those three guys Shaun Livingston's getting up there dollar scam. Find Shaun Livingston. You can find a younger show living with the door is far more open than it's been in the last five years, all of a sudden there, there's an opportunity for. Well, it's, it's wherever. We're gonna get closer. There's no question, even if all five of those dudes came back teams are going to get better because they're going to acquire the players from other teams to make their team better to get closer to the war. But if they roll it again ki- they're going to be not only favorites heavy fence fine..

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