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Through for for five or six weeks you know going forward. that's the team I would be the most concerned about I don't think Pittsburgh was gonna go anywhere this year I think they're still trying to figure couple things out I think they're still trying to figure some things out I think the big basin Rudolph is the quarterback the future they're I don't really see it closely they've got some things they need to figure bringing mega Fitzpatrick on board for next year you know I think is huge for them but I think for this year it's just kind of a thing I don't think it's really I don't see the Steelers being a better this year Daimler tell it's a weird thing to say about this needs right talent especially off it's a side of the ball it seems obvious by Hey you know you're a move Layfield bell in your move it took me a probably about was there last year anyways they did pretty well it seems Conor boot removing Antonio brown was significant thing massive for the to Talla dropoff in don't you just miss Schuster is extremely talented I know we set a record for the youngest receiver to hit a certain mark yesterday but but even then. he needs more complimentary guys James Washington it has yet to kind of come into his own and I like James Washington's prospects but Donte Moncrief looks terrible yeah that does that surprise me that was one of the guys I thought was going to be a kind of X. factor for them and he he really has not fit in there at all just looks lost and I I don't know what it is pretty yeah that's a waste of talent that guy was so you so so much tell their kids to to put together anywhere he goes for whatever reason that I've always thought that he could kind of be a guy like you know a a a number to wide receiver Nathan just can't seem to figure it out so for whatever reason yeah eighty two and I think to go to give James Washington because.

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