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What's going to work for them. They really have to work with somebody. Who can factor in all the variables and because genetics is hard because just because you have a genetic variant doesn't mean you have the condition. There's a component of genetics called penetration. You know the penetration of genes. How clinically relevant. They really aren't and so we're not there yet in knowing everything about it so but the company that i work with you could definitely there actually canadian company neutrino next but you know finding a qualified healthcare practitioner to help you navigate that but there is the specialty of obesity medicine for people. That are really struggling. You know it may be something. I a lot of my patients who are pre diabetic or who have hashimoto's disease autoimmune diseases. There's different things that i can do to help them. So but i do think. A lot of people's challenges is just staying on a diet. 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It's it's amazing and it's also platt based so there's no excuses it's never too late or too early to start taking e we go to life dot com slash habits and use code habits to save thirty percent off your first purchase take advantage of this limited time offer today. That's e we life dot com. I w i l i s e dot com slash habits code habits for thirty percent off your first purchase. These statements have not been evaluated. By the food and drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease. Is it possible like you know how you when you're working out or you can you can plateau because you're doing the same exercises over and over and you're right it doesn't change can you also food plateau like if you're eating the same foods day in day out without any variety. Does your body get acclimated to that and therefore not really kind of shift or change. Well so i'm not. There's the short answer is first all you should have variety just to have a balanced nutritious depends on what you're eating healthy right yet. You know a couple of other doctors were. I think we're talking about this because if you eat something too much you end up having it. You're not you become allergic but you can. Your body can become. What does the word your doctor. I i. i'm not sure that that's actually been established scientific. So that's not. I mean that that happens in the same thing or they if you're trying to lose weight and you're doing that yes i do. Believe the body can become acclimated but and the thing that we ordered not. Just wait and i'm talking. They can plateau in the weight. But in general like you bought it becomes so acclimated to the same food. You're not giving it any variety. Is there any kind of downfall for that. Not that i'm aware of medically and frankly. Most people eat a pretty narrow range of foods at the end of the day. I know for me. I have almonds every day. I fame or whatever mc protein bar. Every morning for breakfast i have. I have a very narrow and and you know what honestly though what the research does show is. That having less choices is better. Because i read a study once you have over you make over two hundred food and beverage related decisions every single day if you're somebody that doesn't know a lot about or struggles with their weight. What are the odds that you're going to make the right decision over two hundred times you even people don't know as much as i do about. I've been doing this for twenty years. And i still make the best decisions i make. I bring up this point. Because i've been eating the same breakfast every single day for probably like twenty years and people give me a heart dot everyone but people give me a hard time about it. Because i'm so regimented great. I'm glad to hear it. Because i just don't want to think about it right. It literally not think about what a meeting for breakfast. Wanna have the same thing where my brain can focus on other things and not make those mistakes. I don't want like veer to to a pancake. Feel i know. I'm gonna feel i know. I know exactly how my blood sugar energy levels respond. If i go you know. It's amazing to me if i go out for brunch or something like that and change things up in the morning. It screws up my entire percent either. Same way it in you.

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