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And this is a terrific concept has asked a court to change his age from sixty nine to forty nine legally in an effort to avoid age discrimination, and his argument is fascinating first of all he launched his bid to change his birthday in order to improve his chances with women on dating apps like Tinder and help with job applicant, I applications prospects. He's arguing both are very difficult based on his age. And then he went here's a legal concept here. I love it. We live in a time when you can change your name, you can change your gender. Why can't I decide my own age? And he says his lawsuit is consistent with other forms of personal transformation. And wants the government to accept that. And he wants to avoid age discrimination in society, especially on dating websites. Now, I can just imagine. Here's the sixty nine year old guy who throws up claims, he's forty nine. Of course, then puts up a picture of some model that he bought he bought from the Getty collection. And his arguments going to be who doesn't lie on this dating apes those aiding apps. Tender you go to harmony, you go to all of those and doesn't everybody lie everybody? If I ever get divorced. I'm running I'm going immediately the internet, and I'm going to be truthful. I hate walks on the beach. I hate romantic dinners. I can't stand candlelight. I don't want to spend much money taking you to dinner. I dressed like a slob. All of which is one hundred percent true. Now granted I'll never get a date or get laid. I understand that. But truth is an absolute defense. So. It's not that bad. Maybe a young looking sixty nine. So we may not be off base. But as soon as you say as soon as you say sixty nine well that's going to limit the number of women clearly that are going to respond. Also, it's going to limit some job opportunities. Forty nine year olds are for the most part, it's difficult. But at least they are able to find jobs sixty nine years. There's no chance and held anybody's gonna hire sixty nine year old. And when asked why don't you sly about it like everybody else does he said, I don't wanna why I wanna be myself. So don't force me to lie. And he's he's arguing money to now happens to be a TV personality. So he's known as a motivational speaker. And he insists this is not a not a publicity stunt. But even says look at the Dutch government is going to make a lot of money. He already gets a retirement pension of about thirteen hundred dollars. And he said if I am forty nine that, I am no longer eligible for retirement. I have to give it up and that would save three hundred and forty-three thousand dollars over the twenty years. I think that's kind of neat. I mean is it going to happen? Of course, not. But that's besides the point. Okay. What are you gonna argue seat? Trans transgender folks go through the transformation. Can argue that they are. And I believe this one hundred percent sexist Morphou, gender, Dismore Fiat that born with born in the wrong sex a man born with female genitalia in is actually a man I buy that. Because there are some weird things going on. But it's kind of hard to say that you were born in nineteen fifty four or nineteen sixty when you're actually born in nineteen fifty. Right or born in one thousand nine hundred seventy I'm just showing my age a little bit here. And I don't wanna do that. Okay. Guys. Let's go ahead and take some phone calls Norma. Yes, sir. What can I do for you? I want. I'm writing a book about a famous healer that worked in the San Diego area in the eighty s and my experiences with her. And I was wondering if they're her son. Let me add this her son is now a famous writer, and they told shame and John wait, wait, wait, wait toll tech. Shame Anisim or Shamanism. What what is that? What is it toll tech shaman about? It's the it's some of the spiritual ideas and practices formation Mexico. Wow. Tech referring to the toll texts that were group. Yeah. I know. I remember the toll deck some some of my best friends are told techs. Are you a toll Tekken? Well, I've I practice chairman queuing before for many years. So yeah, I guess you could say I am. No, no drugs. No, no, no, no, absolutely. Not nothing to do with drugs. Okay. No, no, no. I'm talking about using drugs. No, no, no. No. No. No. No. No, no. This is this is a spiritual was all right fair enough. How much surgery someone has an appendix? Can you? Can you spiritually clear cure, the appendi- the curiously enough to lady that I worked with? I don't know about appendicitis, but she cared. My son of testicular cancer with her fingertip. So this lady cured people. Surgery how about prostate cancer? Can you hear that with your favorite? I would imagine that she did she's passed on. She was elderly. Right. So what's your question? My question is if I write about her will I have any legal problems with your family. I know there was on their unauthorized biographies die every day. You'll be fine. Okay. What if I use a picture of a flyer that I that I save from those times? Well, if you're if you're using a picture of her that is that belongs to her or her estate. I it's a little that's a little bit different because you're using her likeness. At for commercial purposes. And there could have some issue. So yeah, I would argue you got to be a little careful of the pictures at but put her biography, I think you can ride all day long. How would those how would that be handled? Oh, how would I get permission to use? The fact that you ask you ask you ask you ask you state, you find out who is actually handling her estate. That's what you wanna do. If there is an estate if there is no estate, then I would ask a family members, and they can say, yes or no. But now, the family members aren't going to sue. I doubt they're going to file a lawsuit because they have to determine what the damages are. And it's not gonna work you'll be fine. If how long has she been dead. She died ten years ago. Okay. Okay. Yeah. I think you'll be fine. All right now, if I mentioned her son's name and his books, you can also now publishing and they enter deduction which actually have already done. Yeah. You can do that. Yeah. You're not going to get sued. You're not going to get sued. I'm just fascinated. Toll tech Shamanism. Why don't you give it up because I'm assuming you can make a lot of money money is an issue. Well, I started studying with Carlos Costa. And yet after that, the famous person has studied without Yawkey in sorts. Yeah. No, I know that I I actually read a book, which is kind of neat. Yeah. I did. I don't know. I remember when I was in a lot of years ago. Yeah. I spent where's where's the one? What he's sitting in the middle of New Mexico or whatever smoking dope with a bunch of Mexicans are. We're a bunch of Indians. I think that's the one I read anyway. He wasn't a bunch of. Okay. All right. Well, let's a bunch. You know, what can I tell you? All right. But the point is yes, you can do it. And I love that fingertip cure business. I really do. And it was fantastically. Assuming he enjoyed it on top of that. You know, there's nothing like hearing testicular anything with your fingertips. Okay..

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