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WTO, where the time now is 1221. I think whether on the age and what it breaks good morning to Carlos Ramirez with this in the WTO traffic center. Thanks dean very good morning to you as well if you're headed on the Potomac freeway, you may still find some leftover crash activity there on your approach towards the Roosevelt bridge, not seeing much of a delay any longer. We were told that the ramp itself had reopened, though there were still some police on scene. It's very likely that they did pull away, but also just as likely that they are still there. So be very careful as you make your way across the Roosevelt bridge there. If you're headed on the northbound side of two 95, not hearing about any issues as you head towards route 50. Eastbound side of the southeast Southwest freeway, a little slow right now as you make your way onto the third street tunnel. That's likely because they've got to work zone in the tunnel, blocking the right hand side of the roadway. According to the listener, there's a single left lane getting by right now, and it looks like the ramp to D street is currently also blocked. So be aware of that, you may need to find an alternate route. You should be able to access Massachusetts avenue. If you're headed on the northbound side of two ten, we were dealing with some police activity near Audrey lane, looks like that was taken care of. All lanes reopened and no delays in either direction there any longer. If you're making your way in Virginia, eastbound 66 past 28, a single right lane is all that's getting by, then you've got the work zone past one 23, two left lanes get by there. Carlos Ramirez WTO traffic. An isolated shower is possible this morning otherwise some patchy fog with clouds to start our Thursday. Temperatures starting off in the 60s and were warming to round 80

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