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N. Y c independent journalism in the public interest 93.9 FM and AM 20 NPR News and the New York conversation. This is WNBC in New York. I'm David first with these news headlines. The New York State Legislature is due back in Albany today for a session that is expected to last several days. Cameron DeWitt reports, a growing number of lawmakers want the agenda to include new taxes on the wealthy. 100 state senators and Assembly members have signed a letter supporting increased taxes on the richest New Yorkers, it would help close the state's $13 billion budget gap. The Democratic Speaker of the Assembly supports the idea. But Democrats who lead the Senate have not yet signed on, and governor Andrew Cuomo is not on board either. Officials say a suspect shot and killed the son of a federal judge and wounded her husband in an attack at their New Jersey home. Yesterday. The incident happened at the New Brunswick residents of U. S District Judge Esther Solace. Judiciary official who spoke anonymously to The Associated Press, says the suspect posed as a FedEx driver. They say solace was in the basement at the time and was not injured. 20 year old son Daniel was killed when he opened the door saw Alice's husband, a defense lawyer, was also shot. And J advanced media reports. He is in stable condition. The FBI says it is searching for one suspect shootings in the last two months have reached levels not seen in decades in New York City. And in the era of Copan, 19 NYPD detectives are working with more constraints than usual. Joseph Jack alone is a retired NYPD sergeant and adjunct professor at the John Jay College. It prevents people from identifying them in line ups. It also prevents the public from identifying them when they put out the information on the television to try to find out who this person is. So if that that is a fact that in some of these cases Any suspects are wearing masks. Making identification is even harder. Last month, the NYPD he disbanded its plainclothes anti crime units and arrived and moved many of them to detective squads which investigate gun crimes. After they occur. 84 degrees, now mostly sunny today with a high of 93. It's w N Y. C. Welcome back to news hour coming up next tense wrangling over and you Corona virus Recovery fund, First borders and airspaces air slowly reopening in Africa. This comes despite fears that the pandemic has yet to peek on the continent. Now. The International Air Transport Association says African airlines are in urgent need of about $10 billion to stay afloat. Kenya Airways is still awaiting a bailout after the government turned down an initial request for $65 million. BBC's business reporter in Nairobi. Who'd pay for Aiden looks at the company's plans to return to the skies..

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