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WGN. Good morning to Steve Alexander Hi, Steve. We are midway through the second hour of a sell off on Wall Street, which is partly because of concern that the recovery is stalling because of the more trends is transmissible variant of Covid and also the weekly jobless claims report came in indicating a slowdown in job growth. First time applicants for Benny's unexpectedly rose to 373,000 last week. The experts were guessing right around 350,000. So the S and P and NASDAQ Dow Russell 2000 all down over 1% that house down 471 points. The S and P is down 57 that Aztecs down to 13 and the Russell two thousands down 1.5% right now, Volatility is measured by the Vicks of the CBO eight creeping closer to 20. Right now it's up about 21% 10 Year Treasury yield is lower as more money is being shifted into the long term Treasuries as a safe place to park. Right now. 1.28%, John and Vicky, We're talking about those coins. Descent earlier. All crypto is lower today, Bitcoins down about 6% to just over $32,000 that is not stopping Sotheby's from accepting Bitcoin or ether in its auction of a 101 carat pear shaped diamond tomorrow with an expected sale price of as much as $15 million. It would be the most expensive physical object ever publicly offered for purchase using crypto Chicago Board of trade crude oil or make that crude oil is down about 36 cents, not at the Chicago Board of Trade. Those 71 84 gold is trading about $2 higher Chicago Board of trade each wheat, corn and beans all down about three cents. And that's your money on 7 20. W. G s It's 65 degrees at O'Hare. I'm Steve Ruxton on Chicago's very own.

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