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Larry McNamara owns Major's Diner and Pine Valley and told reporting partner 10 News. He's fed up with the back and forth on battling the coronavirus. We are over it, we can't do Any more going backwards in stay open and be a viable part of the community. San Diego County going into that purple tear starting early Saturday morning, 12 01, McNamara says Moving to outdoor on Lee will make it impossible to survive because temperatures are in the thirties in the mornings in the diner is open for breakfast and lunch. Bye On Tek, co founder who Gore saw him talks about progress with the stage Three trial of the Cove is vaccine candidate they are developing with Fizer Sahin says data seems to show people who have recovered from the coronavirus are able to continue to fight off the infection For at least six months, people applications seemed to be to have serious, sufficient immune response. Even after six months after infection, which is a which is a really good message, the drug companies announcing their data shows. Vaccine is more than 90% effective. Suicides are down in San Diego for the first six months of 2020, but drug and alcohol related deaths are up, Mr. Pandemic continues. County medical examiner Dr Steven Chapman says drug and alcohol deaths, especially from fentanyl, meth and prescription drugs are up a little bit outside of Meteo make conclusions about why the death have gone up in that way. I know our county behavioral health services does believe that there's a component of behavior change that has resulted in some of the He's drugged at. So I think that people do believe that the pandemic is contributing to the increase in these death. Medical examiner does not look specifically at deaths from the coronavirus. Those are classified as accidental, instead covered by the health.

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