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What the fuck is this. Is this a commercial of Towards furriest need to pay this movie somehow in the middle of a pandemic he sliced me. He's gonna tyree says house made cookies. Benny hana's pretty cool spice down. Who cut meat slice it. And then garnishing and i'm looking at this and i'm like what the fuck is that now. I know i know it came from the game. I know but what the fuck is that. It's weird scene in live action. Because you're right it's very. It's like a for report. When you see all i am not a comically correct and everything like that but the thing with with this is that this is like in the last twenty five minutes where we seem with the first time. And you didn't really establishes world all that well it's it's it's very jarring when you first seem when even meal joy bitch which is like holy shit which he sees a goddamn cooking dinner for everybody it puts you at on east very weird. It doesn't doesn't help that you got a girl. He never seen a cat working at. Benny hana's the cat comes after her. With a butcher knife is yeah no man. You know people let me tell you. What's wrong with this yet. The movie like you said the.

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