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But if he doesn't come back i'm not losing these people so you love this guy from the start i did not i. I guess this one and said no doesn't fit doesn't work for lebron because he is a ball eater and a lane closure. He's a big bodied man with with limited jumping ability in reach but he can below. It's it's really older. It's almost 'rodmanesque with he can throw his weight around. And rebound at a high rate. But i didn't think it fit with what the lakers wanted to do. And i believe right now. Lebron is shaking his head saying no. I don't want him back. We'll see about that. They were much better when they had dwight in juvenile as bigs so again i i guess all that so how did all this start. Two days ago when one of his fans posted something on it was on twitter about. I wish you could only dominate the paint like lopez eight and talking about the finals Obviously brooke lopez's andy andrei eight and like for real said the fan with an angry face emoji at the end of it and drummond being the detroit or victim that he was about to be responded to it tale y'all coach play me more and i could dominate the way those guys do so he's basically saying to laker nation. Tell vogel to play me more. And i could dominate the way those guys do and then. He subjected himself to about five hours of twitter ridicule because he trended on twitter for at least five straight hours into the night game on the finals with a lot of ridiculing memes of drum and looking in the mirror and seeing kareem abdul-jabbar like that's how he sees himself and so at that point. I just said well. I'm going to re tweet my nickname that i gave him off the genie which is kareem abdul drum and he obviously did not like that the following day so he re tweeted my nickname with two pictures. And i believe this was pure sarcasm. Angry sarcasm on his part that he photoshop the pictures as if he you know he said merch coming soon. Merchandise soon like he was actually going to sell. Jerseys let's say farewell with kareem's picture on. Yeah right okay. Well he's not doing that. It's just a joke. Because he was angry right like now. I'm going to market jerseys that say farewell. Which means sorry. I'm out of here right right. Let's give for me. And i'm a firm believer in this. I think it's tough adjustment for big man to come in and a role for himself. If the two players hurt that you're going to be playing alongside. Yeah because like. I said those other guys are not used to playing alongside another big. They're not used to feeding the postal. One thing. brian. James can do. He can get no matter who you are. No matter what position you play the bron james. We'll find a way to get you the ball. And so now he comes in the only got. What twenty games lip and he's gotta find a role but when he fired. His role is to the playoffs with us. Too late. you okay. You like details you like the white but to develop the white had a whole off season. They had a whole training camp to get ready to understand the role where he comes in. And you know what the lakers are so. He has defied his role on the flat. I believe given the training camp given the understanding play alongside lebron and they d. I do believe. I don't believe aden. Aden dropped him on the team with twenty gave live and the two best players that counting on the plate with are not there and he's not gonna play like this eight note his role. He fulfills his role. It i believe you define drums role. Let him play alongside the ad and lebron from start to finish. I believe you'll see a different guy so this tells me there's a lot of trouble in laker paradise right now because level. Now you've got drummond and happy with his playing time. You got schreuder believing that he's lebron's believe one two hundred twenty millions and you've got mma feeling rejected as the third wheel because he thought he would be part of a budding big three with the laker cooler. The coup somebody detail cullinan unit. Doughnut broaden the third wheel. You'd little doughnut new-look quick fix. We tried to put you so we can get to the gas station. Get the filling station and get a new top. Well when you get to the gas station you're going to discard him. That's the best thing about your got live. I call bill ryan right well hill so you want coups gone you want schreuder gone in. It feels like that drummond is about to talk or or at least post his way right out of los angeles as an unrestricted free agent. Yeah he the to thank you for your service. I think you're going to have to wave goodbye to your man drum. Because i don't think the laker brass will like this. I don't think lebron will love this. I just don't think they will. This is not laker asked to them. But what we try to get. We try to get guy a vegas right now Dane or bradley. Beal trying to get war jamal. Murray who liked to post on any unliked it but again it's like there's hysteria of the night for laker nation. Because they're desperate to get a third scott. It's not enough that you have to the top five players in the video. You need three notice that you notice. I never heard you say anything about the nets getting harden. The you never said a word about getting a burst are one man. Well because they're always hurt. Always earnhardt was always work. But you didn't have a problem. This of god to the finals. Mark my word. You never. I noticed it and i think people at home and starting to notice it near the tablet drive to get them in advance. You got a problem but let katie couric you. Tell me because you're the hall of famer and you told me he's the goat and the best player on the planet. Why would the goat need who two top ten players play the right skill kevin durant. Did you don't think that me it's lebron. James lagaan j. So so why does it matter. And you've got the best player we even if we got steph. Clay day in adams. Ad lebron it should matter you got the best player on the planet in the best player on the planet should be able to be anybody. That's what you told me for the last five years about lebron okay but why are you so desperate right now for a third star. Everybody's you've also got. Anthony davis most people would say. Anthony davis is more valuable than harden or kyrie. That's what they would say or between you do have to say the or you got both. So why can't we had another one where you've got a real superstar. Yes or no you got the goat. Yeah quote marks goat and you've got another top five player. And you're desperate to get damian lillard or jamal murray or bradley beal or it's it's like the flavor of the yeah yeah Why not so you just want it to be a mismatch you just want it to be a cakewalk. You bet when kevin durant went to golden state you never said a word about a mismatch levels a word. Yeah because they were desperate for him they they blew a three one lead to you guys skip relates to. They aren't all that they were crackdown. You didn't have a problem with a team. That was seventy three mad nine adding a player that was universally regarded as the second player in nba. You had no problem with but you told me that draymond fled into the parking lot. In tears calling kevin durant saying you've got to come save us. They boarded a private plane. Flew all the way in. Its tip of long island on july the four to recruit kevin durant because they knew.

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