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Wood is an asset they would and i asked i was like any scientists and none of them did you know why the busy i don't want my scientists had a goddamn common show the busy trying to get to god him more and knowing that and i really loved everybody at the club at at stanford lie the fucking great everybody who worked at this guy tom everybody christian runs it but hey hey can you not start the saturday early show at six thirty hall you mean when people i mean bad idea why was it six thirty central time i don't give a shit that's too early it's charlie too early for charlie way too early it's terribly man especially in these coast i was like what are you doing to me is that considered east coast time or the central coast right it's central it's two hours it's two hours behind those three now two hours ahead i should say yeah man i had i had fun though i i always have fun no matter who been for local gun yeah and by the way though i'll tell you something about people from yeah they were really funny i'll tell you about alabama don't insult any see in the south in the south i can setting i can say this with with if you are polite to people they are the nicest coolest people on the planet now now please understand something about alabama everybody has a gun on their personage they don't they got it in the truck and that's a fact and it's not uncommon to see a man walking through k mart or walmart with his ak with his air fifteen strapped over his shoulder now hold all shootings hold on probably not now here's the thing about the south i did a thing where my last joke i went i do that global warming bit where i'm like people aren't educated you don't get the joke and the.

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