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How the entire Blyden campaign was the return to normalcy and the return to civility and unifying the country? I was just remember, that was sort of what we were promised here. Right. Well, it's Zbynek anything but and as an example. Even the latest example. President Biden sat down for an interview with Norah O'Donnell on CBS or the Super Bowl. Now this is an interview. That's going to air around the country to many, many people that don't follow. The daily INS and outs and the daily machinations of things going on in Washington and the craziness that we deal with inside the Beltway and those of us that were staunch listeners to conservative talk radio and Follows CNN and MSNBC and Fox News Now these air average people that are tuned in all this, but they're going to turn into the Super Bowl, and they're going to see President Joe Biden and I don't know why Norah O'Donnell asked him. But she asked him about whether President Trump should be offered the courtesy of defense briefings, which all former presidents have had that courtesy extended to them by their successor. However, here's how Joe Biden answered the question when asked by Norah O'Donnell. I just think that there is no need for him to have that that intelligent species, so if they're 70 some million Trump supporters around the country, many of whom are watching the Super Bowl. That's just going to tick them off because it ticked me off. And I just on a principle of any former president, whether it's trump or whoever just the principle that you know you're not going to extend the former president that courtesy. So here we go Chicken off everybody. That's a former Trump supporter in the middle of the Super Bowl. Now, if that didn't get you're going, I mean some of the stuff going on out there this week. So there is talk now of a $10,000 forgiveness of student loans that is now shot up. To the talk of $50,000 in student loans. And I did the math because they're 36 million outstanding student loans, and I'm not sure that all of them are 50,000. But let's say a bunch of them are if you do the math, there are so many zeros behind that when you multiply 36 million by 50,000. I can't even tell you with the number is because there's so many zeros behind it. And what that tells me is it's going to come out of your pocket and it's going to come out of my pocket because I don't think the Harvard Endowment Fund is going to pick up the tab on that. So be prepared for student loan debt repayments or payoffs and what that means to your taxes. When that's done, not to mention what they'll do to this capital gains tax and probably income tax. And what's gonna happen at the gas pump with gasoline tax, which people to judge our incoming transportation secretary has talked about. Haven't been raised in 1993. So might as well do it now. Why not? So that's just an example. Now. Another story, the Chiron I'm looking at on CNN. Chinese diplomat takes hard line in call to Secretary of State Blinken Well, that's good news. Chinese air testing is there. They've been chest testing us as well with Taiwan. So where does that go? But again, Chinese diplomat takes hard line in call to Secretary Blinken So they're clearly testing Joe Biden. That's not particularly encouraging. We don't see a whole effort toward unity when it comes to the stimulus package, the covert relief package. The Democrats seem pretty well set to go it alone without the Republican support if they don't get their way, So if the Democrats don't get their way is going to be another one of those 50 50 votes with Vice President Harris as the tie breaker. Now, here's what Joe Biden had to say about jobs, and I think it's kind of ironic. That he's talking about job This was yesterday, and he's talking about jobs. But keep in mind as you listen to this. How many jobs did he cost when he canceled the Keystone XL pipeline? How many jobs did he cost when he banned fracking on federal lands? Well, here's what he has to say about jobs. January. Job numbers came out today. And while we're grateful for everyone who found work and is earning a paycheck, it's very clear. Our economy's still in trouble, way added up just 6000 private sector jobs in the country last month. These aren't Democrat to Republicans. They're Americans and their suffering their suffering, not because of anything they did through no fault of their own their suffering. I see enormous pain in this country. Ah, lot of folks out of work. A lot of folks going hungry, staring at the ceiling tonight one. And what am I going to do tomorrow? A lot of folks trying to figure out how to keep their jobs. Well, you put thousands of people out of work your first day in office. What can I say? I mean, doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what this house. Well, if that doesn't make you feel good. Maybe Elizabeth Warren can brighten your spirits this morning. Remember? We were getting a centrist president. Moderates president the unifier. Well, here's how Elizabeth Warren views it. Show. Biden ran on the most progressive agenda ever, and now he is meeting the moment and we need to continue to hold everyone accountable to the promises that have been made. It's a good time. Maybe for you that necessarily for a lot of other people anyway, will continue. But first, let's check the latest on the traffic and weather. Michelle Murray's in the W E Mail Traffic Center this morning in Maryland, You will still find some accident activity on the Intercounty connector. Westbound outbreaks. Cheney Road where the right lane is blocks to stay to your left and use extra caution there..

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