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No car required so pleased to be joined. I mean let me tell you something mark first off before we bring in our guest. Msw is one of my favorite shows of the week. And it's a big favorite in the house now because I don't know if you've heard mark but m. l. w. is going to Poland. That's right it's GONNA be available in Poland so you know now. Msw Is a favourite of my wife. Violeta let's bring him in the southern psycho himself the one and only Manse Warner man's how are you man? I'm doing great. How do out there doing a great? I I would've thought they would've caused you to Tennessee Manson. Well they usually call me money for still appears and everything. But I go to work. I just love the fact that on on social media mark when I was promoting that Manson was joining us this morning. I just took a picture of bud. Light like post that up then and everybody knows who I'm talking about. It's man's warner because he's always to make sure that he's got a beer in hand and and we just saw it on M. L. W. T. V. Last week you sharing a beer in Philly with the blue meany I mean. That's a pretty cool moment right there. Manse is the best man I show. They Give Me Beers and they tell me go. Do whatever you WANNA do get paid money. It's amazing man. Life what a life you get to go and do whatever you want and drink beer. Whatever you've paid to fight people man I cannot I whether life it you know. It's funny Manse We just we just spoke to the nature boy ric flair before you joined us and you know and it sounds like mark when ric flair was talking to us. He pretty much did the same thing. You know he He went an hour in the ring and then he would go to the bar and he would have a good time and I think man. It's like when you look at your career right now with M. L. W. You could tell mean you are. You know you are the southern psycho and you have you have that edge but it also looks like you're having a good time and I think I think the W. Fan can tell that you have a lot of passion for what you do and ultimately you're having a good time which makes the fans have a good time as well. Oh Yes sir. I mean it's a connection to Tweeden in the stands that they could tell I bullshit them I show up I lie. I'm having a good time. I'm getting beers they're getting. I'm getting paid to fight people. You know it's Kinda Kinda gone crazy stuck in the house all day but other than that you know. I woke up. I did a little bit of work out. I had to breakfast beers on here. We can talk about whatever you WanNa talk about Breakfast Beers have. Have you experienced the lights which is coming on in the last five or six years I I watched some of your early career and I watch the stuff from last year and a half two now and I see a difference in the Rustler just in a matter of a couple of years from me? Doing my prep. And what do you what do you would? You attest those lights which is coming on from in the last year to have two years. Oh Yes sir I well for me. I've only been wrestling right around. I'd say four and a half years so for me it's It's getting onto road. Do a show. Every time that you can always be in there I mean right now like I said I'm stuck in the House all day man. All I'm doing is watching a wrestling all day long. So it's one of those things where if you're just consistently dipping your toes in water out there dipping your hands into blood. I'm always out to you. Know find view of what it is you know repetition over and over. Yeah I can see you know and as far back as I could go. I guess those matches that I saw. Excuse me we're early in your career so I've seen the maturation process. I seen now rather than they're just being a you put. Somebody threw a chair or table or death. Mask type situation. Now you're working where you're going to and as you you know if there's a Bob wire ropes rather than immediately just throwing somebody into the ropes. You work not going into the ropes. I'm Matiz Matiz Matiz. And those are the little bitty things of psychology that make you able to last even longer the more that you can do that. Sometimes it's GonNa feel like you're going slow and you're not doing enough. You're not giving the crowd enough but you're not you're giving everything by not giving them everything right away. And I love the fact that I see you maturing and doing better over the last year and a half to that is hopeful you know I wanna see even more of that stuff from you. Yes Sir I'M GONNA be calling here all time man from here. I thought about this. Call Him Man. You know we we WANNA help market and promote every wrestler. That won't sit and that's willing to wake up early like you had to wake up today and and And and talk talk the talk shop. I love for you to talk to Tommy Dreamer. He is an expert on working hardcore matches. And I'm sure that he could even shed more light than I can. I can see the quality of your work getting better and and You've been a better performer for your fans. But I'm sure at Tommy. Tommy Spend fifteen minutes with you and you'll come away from it like Holy Shit. I'm GONNA blow their minds and Bert. Yeah so many like definitely like call us keep in touch with us. I'm going to be following you more now. I've I've always love Emil W and I'm looking forward to seeing seeing young. They're more get a bigger platform. Yes yes thank you. And it's like mark just mentioned about you know m. l. w. and. I think that's a big difference to mark. Is that you mentioned about. That's when manse became a part of The W roster and you could really follow historian. Man's now that we obviously with everything that's going on in the world right now. You can't hit that. Msw Pay Window. So you're you're you're you're sitting at home and like you know what do you do? You mentioned that you know. You're you're watching a lotta wrestling and that's going to definitely help you along. But the world the pro wrestling in a lot of ways keeps on rolling but for a lot of people. You're stuck at home and can't leave your homes you. What can you do to keep yourself sharp? Keep yourself in shape and get ready for when you're back on the road again. We'LL SEE I. I'm trying to try to take a positive spin on this stuff. There's a lot of that stuff all you know a lot of things going on right now but. I'm trying to use the time that I have because when we're on the road to reduce shows we're always busy downtown. You're get catch a flight. You know so for me. I'm trying to be us all the time that I have now to talk to offer social media you know you're interacting with people more often. 'cause there's board as we are just sitting around okay so I've been doing You know more promos. More videos loaded on there trying to entertain people keep spirits up. Because it's not you know. We're just sitting around watching all the tiger king all day on the net flicks you go crazy and support and and again you watch 'em L. W. each and every weekend msw fusion on Sports. you know. Manse when you look at right now. What's going on and a lot of people you know for the for the wrestlers. That aren't a part of a major part of w or to wwe or even a part of them L. W. They rely a lot on their merchandise. How can how can people first of all a follow you? And also how people buy a man's Warner t-shirt where can they go? Where can they find more about you and buy some of your merchandise? We'll all social media. I got facebook instagram. I got a twitter putting a manslaughter. And it's all in there. You'll find it. You know W on Youtube. They got every episode. We've ever done you go in there and watch. La Park the park against old master. Jimmy Nick and an old man answering the barbed wire no rope barbed wire match. I think that broke records for TV. Show throw wrestling DOT com. I got all kinds of T. shirts on they're got cousy eight to put your fears in You know I'm getting some more More of a hats made up almost shipped him out. You know just trying to not go crazy out. Here sit around get hold prison workouts in with the with the trading cards whatnot and just kind of you know learn as much as I can stay. Sharp don't go nuts. They'll get no neighborhoods. Don't hit nobody for free brothers. Three against you locked in if they if I hear someone out here in the trailer court I'm going to sell the corner van bumping out there in Rhode. No no yet a bump card. You know you'd be extra bumps to the nothing with cheese on all kinds of stuff. I've definitely GONNA go and buy some shirts because you know. I got my mania shirt. Challenge is on day fifty three. I'm wearing a different pro wrestling shirt each. And every day going up to Wrestlemanias I gotta get that Fedex to my house. I gotta go buy some Manse Warner Merchandise again. Follow mance word or on social media and watch me. It's warner inaction on M. L. W. W. Fusion On sports each and every weekend. I'm addicted to it. I love him. Lwin Court Bauer does a tremendous job in one of my favorite personalities. One of my favorite characters. One of my favorite wrestlers is man's Warner and manse thank you so much for joining us on a falls count anywhere Friday like mark. Said you have an open invitation. You have an open invite anytime you want to join us. I I'd love to hear from you and I can't wait to were on the other side of this and then we can see you in action again. Thanks so much for joining US till thank y'all listening catches Monday. Through Saturday. I'm busted open from nine. Am To noon eastern on Sirius Xm by Nation Channel. 156 busted open podcast..

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