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Looking at some of the series right now obviously starting with the eastern conference. The bucks are up to on the heat. The nets are up to the celtics. And i just want to break down the game a little bit for a second game two is control just to to put it lightly. Well we were able to watch some of the game before we played against the nuggets in the bucks got a big early bring. Forbes was was great throughout the night hit a lot of threes Fed off the energy of the teen and they ended up winning ninety eight to one hundred and thirty two. And i think the biggest difference between game one and game two was the role players The role players stepped up in tremendous fashion Obviously forbes was great he had six threes pat. My guy pat was great in nineteen minutes. Fifteen point five threes. Bobby portis Comes off the bench with eleven points. And i think that was the difference in the game. The energy they brought. You know yarmysh is going gonna play. Well you know middleton. Jrue holiday are going to set the table The difference was the role players The fact that your holiday only had eleven points kinda shows you how. The game was going. he he tied a franchise record with fifteen assists Tying tj ford's record for most assists in a playoff game and he's essentially set the table and they would want it. And i think based on this roster right now Jrue holiday being a great addition obviously Pj tucker Some of those guys bring a defensive element but also veteran leadership element that i don't know the he can match They have a lotta. They've been efficient. They've been effective and they've been able to control jimmy butler throughout most of this series. Jimmy goes four for ten scores ten points but the game was basically out of hand for the beginning with this series flipping back to miami. Obviously they'll have fans they understand that game. Three is a must win. When you get down to. I'll look for the role players to play better at home Doing dead man's been great throughout the series. Drudge has been great to veteran guys who you know you can consistently good performances from. But they're gonna need robertson to play while they're gonna need traveled to knock down threes and defended a high level. And they're gonna need kendrick nunn to play well but the key to this team. Obviously they have role players. Is jimmy butler. He asks to be playing. Mvp caliber basketball for them to have a chance to get out of this round. I think that's the difference in the bubble he was tremendous. He was effective efficient down the stretch of games. He big shots and obviously had a forty point. Triple double in. The finals against the lakers To make that series interesting so look for him to not only play well but also understand that the team will go as he goes so. I think that'll be the key. Obviously have the bucks winning this series But he can make it very very interesting especially if they can get game. Three and four at home looking at the net series I thought the nets. We're gonna run away with this series obviously Because of their talent because their depth and no jaylen brown the celtics have been banged up all season long. And i think that's going to be the difference Looking at the way the The last game went tatum. Ends up getting knocked out of the game. The celtics dating released chance In this series. And i think brad stevens talked about the depth of the the nets how most teams and most people across nba were analyzing. The game are gonna pick the celtics to lose. And i think it's the writing is on the wall this series. There's not much this others can do If jalen brown wasn't hurt i would. I would give them more of a chance in this series. But i think they'll make a couple of games interesting down the stretch but ended up losing an gentleman sweeper an actual sweep but they do have a really good team. They're solid marcus. Smart kimba evan. Tristan's played well. But i don't think they have enough firepower to kind of match up with the nets Harris was tremendous Knocked down what seven three. He hit five threes in the first quarter. Obviously katie with katie Scoring twenty six points on twelve shots. Kyri only took twelve shots. James only took twelve shots. Blake blake dunkin on people with his left hand. Kind of showing that. The athleticism is still there. it's funny. That detroit fans are probably extremely upset right now considering he only had about two or three dunks in his in his tenure with the pistons and now he's getting three four dunks game but i think the nets are a locked to get this series. Them that potential matchup with the bucks is gonna be something to watch. And that's for sure moving onto the last two games in the eastern conference. You got the hawks up on the knicks. They play tonight. You got the sixers up. One on the wizards they also played night. The more intriguing of the two is definitely hawks. First knicks because they're playing in the garden with about fifteen thousand fans trae young hits the game winning floater. He should just crowd. He says quiet. Is you know what in here. And derrick rose's response to trae young talking trash is if you wanna talk shit. You can talk shit which just understand that. It's going to be tougher the next night out and the next night out is tonight so i'm looking forward to watching that. I think trae young as a really good player. I think the atlanta hawks have a good team there deep. Obviously they added lou williams. Who's been extremely helpful. Not only from scoring standpoint but also from a leadership standpoint. He told young down the stretch. That i don't really care what happens. Just make sure you shoot it. Don't pass it kind of control your destiny. This is your team. They put this organization around you and the kind of do what you do in your moment. And he did just that. But i think the the key to this series is obviously Trae young team goes as he goes. But the role players bogdanovich John collins cappella. They're going to be crucial lou. A guy who's going to get buckets. And i think the knicks. They're going to need. Julius randle to play like julius randle and he talked about the excitement the adrenaline rush. He had and i think that was the difference and why he ended up shooting six twenty three from the field. But i think he's going to get back to his normal self alec for the next to even the series up one before they head back to atlanta with full capacity. I think this is a six or seven game series in which. I don't know who's going to win. But the key will be role players in the key will be stars playing like.

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