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One of them. So dylan hurts this year and speaking of worse quarterbacks in the nfl i think entering the season deal hurts belongs in that conversation. That's not to say you can't get better and prove people wrong. And he's only twenty. You just turned twenty three years old. So i think there's room for him to grow but right now as a starting point he was really dad last year in terms of accuracy and he has a lot to prove so i think what he's shown in training camp. I don't really see a lot of signs that this is a night and day player. But i will allow that his game. You know him being as mobile as he is. That might not be showcase. Go as good as it will be in games as it is a kind of not being able to be featured practice. So i'm not out on dealing hurts but i think there are a lot of questions to answer. I gave up on that real quick and jalen hurts is in the category belongs in the category of were starting quarterbacks to start the season If the option of taking dwayne haskins mason rudolph josh take all three three of them. Versus jalen hurts. Which one would you take. I would take dealing. It's just because of the upside just because of the potential. I've never been a hassle guy. I i don't get it. Maybe he's doing better out there in pittsburgh. I haven't kept track to that. I just i just never really saw it with him at all. Never been a dwayne haskins guy. Just from the potential alone in the rushing mobility at the at the very least i think we can say rushing. Perspective jalen hurts is probably. Maybe the second desk rushing quarterback in the nfl. behind the jackson. Or you know the top. Three or putting charlie mary up there so at the very least i think he is that going for him whereas with doing haskins and any of those guys. There's just nothing there that really makes me feel like anything that i want to see from throw point out there about dwayne. Haskins steelers fans adore him. Because he's not mason rudolph. If if offer to throw two touchdowns and haskins through two picks and was like their stat line for thursday night people would still had a better game like. That's just the way it's going to be. He goes on stain. He throws such beautiful practice. Falls dwayne haskins. Just beautiful downfield balls in practice. Gotta love that that. That's what really really matters. But of course that is a position battle for the steelers and watching preseason action oftentimes fan base. Don't know what's going on on the other side. You break down some of the bigger position battles that Philadelphia's has gone on right now stuff steelers fans should watch out for the other side of the ball. Yeah so there was a battle in theory heading in training camp at left tackle between jordan malaysia. Who was a really interesting story for you. Guys don't know a this is a duty. Never played football in his life. Until i think it's actually against the steelers. A couple years ago was the first preseason game. He played in rugby league in australia now. He's worked his way up over the years he's developed and basically he's the guy there he's had a great training camp and honorary dillard. Now who is the other competitor has been looking terrible in training camp. So that's out of the out of the out of say a mind now for that spot but some of the other spots lookout for i mean i'll just keep a couple of players quiz watkins number sixteen In i would say. Midnight green guessing. You're gonna wear their all white jerseys to they usually do in the summer. That's a player to watch out for. He's been the best wide receiver in eagles training camp. Now mind you devante. Smith hasn't been practicing because he's been hurt. And i just think he's look better than even twenty twenty trumping jalen rigor so That's a that's a guy to watch out for if you see him. Make a big play against steelers defense or the backups. Probably like that shouldn't be like a total shock. Remember heard that name here. And then from the starters and it's not necessarily a battle in that. I think a lot of these guys earning at playing time but josh sweat number ninety four and derek burnett number ninety six an really interesting situation for them because they're both in contract years there a former first round pick in two thousand seventeen joss wet fourth round. Pick in two thousand eighteen and josh. Let's just having a monster training camp. He's living in the backfield. I think if he's playing early on he could cause some disruption for the steelers and i his great offseason is over. Shadowing derek has done. He's also been pretty good. Not quite as dominant as jazz swept but still pretty good too so those are the numbers. I'd watch out for number sixteen number ninety four number ninety six. Yeah joshua had pretty good game against pittsburgh last season to one of the wide receivers you have. Jj or sehgal whiteside. There's a guy that steeler fans were really high on going that draft. How is he done for philadelphia. I know he hasn't had the greatest house looking going into the season. So it's kinda hard to know what to make of. Jj because he does this every year at least he has the past for years where he looks good in training camp and i even bought into last year. Like all right. You turned the corner. I seem like just listening to him. Talk and interviews. He seemed like he was a little bit like mentally different and everything and he had another good camp but then the regular season rolled around. And i think except for that long pass and the steelers team which is like right before the end of the first half it was. It didn't even matter anyway because it didn't set up anything. It was a nice catch like a vacuum. But not in it didn't matter the actual game did is. It looked good again in camp not great but kind of good of working in the slot more now which seems like the just the cure all when receivers and good. He just moved into the slot. So i honestly don't think he deserves to make the eagles roster so maybe he'll be out there the steelers claim if they want them or something But might just try to hold onto him because he was a second round pick from a couple years ago they might just not be ready to give up on them quite yet but to me. I'm not seeing anything. That is that makes him like a musky kind of player. That's pretty interesting. I'm curious your thoughts on these new entirely new coaching staff as well at from what you see are the players buying in. This is a complete to take over whole new culture. Is everything kind of adjusting. The way you'd hope it to be going at this point. It's interesting because i don't think..

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