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US law shield dot com and back to more calls beginning with John in the Saint cloud Minnesota good evening John and welcome. and glad to be on campus thank you Mister Walker. three California ammunition tax law. violate. the Interstate Commerce Clause by effectively. rating a. in a minute. what an interesting thought. yeah yeah and then he does raise a great point and there is such a thing as a good just to give your listeners a little background the Interstate Commerce Clause you provision that is located and section eight of article one of the constitution that says that the one of the specific powers of Congress is to regulate commerce between the states and the reason that that was put in there is because the states were United States not always got along with each other and that day do you use are they did use terrorists and taxes to basically punish out of state manufactured goods for example if if a particular state one to protect our agricultural industry they would tax oranges our cabbages or corn from coming in from other states thereby promoting and protecting their own kind of their own kind of cops and basically the fact that the interstate Commerce Clause gives exclusive authority Congress regulate that there's a thing called negative Commerce Clause which is implicit in the car closer to negative Commerce Clause specifically states what your caller pointed out is that states cannot inactive policies and regulations that adversely affect the at three transit of goods into their state and so you know I I I I think that it you know that it does does US law she'll dot com have any plans to started court fight..

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