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The she and that question is the famous National Geographic, Afghan. We'll see where. So that means how come south Bolton and keep it edge. Could do this thing. Like, you know, I've locked out foreign countries this gun, it should never be in the streets of America. But when I you know, my anti police brutality campaign, which I've raised awareness of true swatting people under federal Dighton. It's the same thing. Number two. Eric swale? Well, Eric swallows Hungary's men from northern California. He's another guy who won a primary against incumbent democrat this time Pete stark. You remember Pete stark twenty term incumbent who is reliably pretty left during the Bush years. Best known for being an atheist like molten swallows pitch was that he's young and unprincipled. According to his biography, quote, the September eleventh terrorist attacks occurred during his internship, inspiring him to public service, rec- interning like the hill. Probably G goes. Black rock eagle trust in his first term. He broke house rules the post a vine of himself voting against an anti-abortion Bill in two thousand fifteen he launched the bipartisan sharing economy caucus would genuine evil person. Darrell Issa sharing economy show is a very big fan of people sharing their cars with him. I love sharing. I love sharing economy at rules. Isn't that just communism? Socialism sharing economy. Yep. At his campaign launch. While Wilson, I pledged to lead our country with a team of rivals a blend cabinet of Republicans and Democrats not because it will be easy. And we may have to send out a search party to find more Republicans who can put country over party railroad fat. Pledge to lean over and grab my ankles. That again went went what you're was this. What when he said. Yeah, he said that like we could go, but like. Cool. Okay. Cool. Let's go to know. We've learned things since you don't think that between Catholics symbol. Listen, charlie. Kirk. We couldn't get the best solution for people..

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