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First the taser for the gun and that is what Albuquerque police are trying to determine after the department's latest officer involved shooting police say officers tonight shot a man with a gun outside his home a man who may have been drunk Albuquerque police officers pull up on a violent suspect and opening fire on him within seconds a total of twenty two people were shot and killed by Albuquerque police over the course of just three years and carries office which is in charge of holding police officers accountable have not prosecuted a single one in fact Kerry had never prosecuted an officer in all her time in office we did not proceed against any officer on an officer involved shooting because we did not feel we had probable cause the legal standard that we needed to go forward with the prosecution but by the start of Kerry's fourth run as district attorney a local reporter exposed a huge crack in the system I think I started to rob port on on the grand juries in twenty twelve Jeff proctor is a journalist who's been covering the criminal justice system in Albuquerque for the past fifteen years what the DA's office was doing around that time when I really started to focus on this issue they would take that police investigation and to the best of the public's knowledge they would present it to a grand jury now this is where it gets tricky in a regular shooting in Bernalillo county the district attorney decides whether they have probable cause to prosecute that person and then the case goes to a grand jury but when it came to police shooting there was a different system.

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