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Am really battles though from Seattle. There's like this chocolate shop telling me about that for you will about though, and I do want to make a priority is that cancer patients our vets with PTSD or people with migraines or chronic illness who are under a state, licensed doctors care. I don't see any reason they shouldn't be able to have this. And it gets really frustrating. These people get keep getting denied that for the governor on a hot button did not even mention it. That's kind of frustrating. Well, the thing is if you if you mentioned it in your thirty minute address, actually, thirty two minutes at a time in your thirty one thirty two minute address, it now becomes part of the story and the narrative like, for example. You wanna talk about teacher pay? Never teacher pay bias crimes bias crimes DCSS DCSS. But if you everywhere come out mention and say, I see their support medical marijuana that now becomes the story and use it for state of state address that is usually as your one time where an executive officer addictive fischel can actually control and dictate. The narrative is what everybody else will be talking about. Which is why the teacher pay thing was sort of the new. You know, new new shiny object and all the other stuff just kind of fell into place in a mansion. I mean, not even have any keeps saying, oh, yeah, I'm it. But it's the federal government's fault. Wouldn't that have been a great opportunity for him to stand up? If he really was for it and say, I am for this. Here's why I can't do it. You write your congressman you write President Trump you tell him to do. So we can do that. Mom. Sure. That'll probably be the say of the state address.

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