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Time right now. I think it's a shame. I'll be honest with you. Do not send your child players there. you know. Obviously didn't they were gonna last olympics and it's just it's such a. It's such an honor to be able to represent your country needs more than hockey Me more than a sport You know and you want the best players in the world over there and you know to take extremely lucknow. Obviously playing to think about the young guys coming in now that would have a chance to grow and having that maybe taking away taking away from them. And i think it's a shame i mean i understand the business side of it with the money and insurance and everything else but i i just think shame because it's quite a feeling to be able to put on that. Usa sweater and it represents something way bigger than yourself or either way sport hockey. Well in like you said to growing up as a hockey player. There's things that you strive to get is stanley cup and a gold medal in taken that away that second part away from from any of the gel players which like you said. There's nothing like those games. You got the best talent in the world on the same ice. I mean the fourth lines are first lines on most nhl. Exactly does that cry crosby. Did he score the game winner. And that game. Yeah he did he did. Yeah i still have nightmares him coming out of the corner shooting and putting it in the net. Yeah so he did he He toured the weather. There you've been in the league for a long time in your minds in a time that you played who had the best work. The hardest worker most talent. Would you say. I mean. I guess that's two different questions you talked about the most talented player and i probably would say crosby is probably the most talented all around player in mcdavid. I think is maybe challenge that but you know. I don't think he's there yet. But i would definitely put crosby as the back player that i played against just in terms of everything he can do and he was very good defensively. Good on faceoffs. You'd set his talking made linemates way better than sometimes they should have been. You know tour goal just unbelievable leader as well. so he's probably the best player returns a work ethic. There's there's a lot of guys are probably stick out to me. I think one of them is is one hundred one quest and the way he worked you know way he mastered his craft. He was a guy that was on the ice early and late and always trying to get better work with the goalie coach there in new york. You know he was. He's a hard working guy but we at that level. There's a lot of guys that put the hard work into get there right so hard to point out one or two but he pops in my head for probably got it that that worked really hard as craft and it showed on the ice for sure..

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