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All right, thanks for doing this. Thank you. Bleacher tweets, already buster bleacher tweets for a Friday. A couple things to clear off the top here. Some rant related things. Let's go, let's go to you because you ran it about people saying they don't like the mic'd up interviews during games. You were vindicated when Patrick wisdom came on here today, said he enjoyed doing them. And then Jessie Bates all at context collapse rights and due to the recent rant in defense of Mike players. I'm forced to join the chorus of fans who despise in game quote unquote interviews, aka listened to the players grunt and hearing Mike's fail and as the single greatest factor destroying the game today, buster, that's a hot take from Jesse. I don't think he was. Well, and I can't tell. I mean, that sentence right there is a single greatest factor to destroying the game today. Looking for the evidence, the game is being destroyed. It's an $11 billion industry, ratings are up. Attendance seems to be up early on. I'm kind of I'm looking for the evidence that the game is being destroyed, Taylor. Jesse, can you present some? You know, maybe Mookie betts, Mike will go out and Jessie will be vindicated. Oh my gosh. As I said to Patrick about, you know, players with. God help us if Mookie betts makes a mistake on the field while he's talking on the microphone. That's all I'm going to say. We'll be collectively crossing our fingers. What did you think about Ali marl's quote unquote, rant? I'll say, he was very, he's kind of a soft spoken guy, so I feel like he could have taken the energy up a couple more notches to sell it because his team's not a bad way. He's pretty intense. I will tell you that. Oh, yeah. It was interesting to read the stories because of the understated nature of that you cited. It's not like you screaming at reporters the other day, but it certainly got a ton of attention in St. Louis and people understood. This was Ali trying to make a stand. Back his players to let everybody know, I think it was Derek gold, my good friend, it covers the cardinals who essentially wrote like you could feel that he was looking for an opportunity to say something like that. Maybe to fire up his own players. If that's the case, man, they're going to need a lot more than, you know, a manager rant in a press conference setting. Yeah, and we've talked about this before. You mentioned with Ravi. The cardinals are so buttoned up. The fact that this the video of this is out there on the Internet, I kind of feel like that was purposeful almost. To just to make sure that the players didn't, they couldn't miss it and could see that he's serious. He means business here. One last thing before we get into more tweets here, buster, you've been we've buried the Orioles here. I mean, they are, they've won 7 straight series. They didn't look great against the royals that game yesterday was weird. They've got a really tough series against the brave this weekend. They've got the raise right after that. If I could extend any advice to people listening right now, dean Kramer against max fried tonight bet it all on the braves man team Cramer's been so bad. And I'm looking at it as you say this. I should say, as you're telling us this, okay? You're wearing an Orioles cap. Yup. So you understand your team, right? Yeah, that's I said it. Don't be afraid to bet against your team because you know him better than anyone else. Dean Kramer has not looked good. I mean, maybe one time this year, maybe like his second start, but he was really bad last time out. And then the oh, they're going against max farid Spencer strider and Bryce elder. Kyle Brady on Saturday, Tyler wells, who's been pretty good this year. I mean, it's gonna be tough. And then the race on Monday. So I don't know, you know, they had a good April, good start to May here, but from now on, I think it's just trying to keep things at 500. What do you think? Well, if they play 500 against these two teams, that's pretty good, because I think there's no question. Raise are the best team in baseball and the braves of the second best team in baseball. And I think and then there's a gap. You know? And then there's a gap in the Orioles are trying to be the team that's going to fill that three spot, especially with the Astros having dealt with these starting pitching injuries and the American League west being thrown into some chaos. All right. It was fun. Let's get back to the tweets here. Mark Stevens at writer Stevens writes, and hey buster, the chat with Bruce bochy on the rule change that protected catchers from dangerous slides was great. Think bean balls will ever get back in the forefront as a rule change consideration what will it take? No, I don't think that's going to change, you know, I've always often wondered if they were to ever invoke a rule that if you leave the dugout if you leave the bullpen you would face suspension that would end like the bean balls and the brawls in that whole thing. And here's the thing about bean balls. I think there are a lot of cases in which it's really hard to judge intent. And I would not want to, especially in this era where pictures are basically this generation pictures are training to throw the ball as hard as they possibly can and they're not focusing so much on command. I just don't think you can just suspend players without knowing exactly what's in their hearts and in most cases you don't know. Right. Does that make sense? Yeah, yeah. I think and they'll do it. Like if it's an obvious retaliation, I feel like we've seen suspensions am I wrong there? But

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