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Green from portland oregon are had in the owner of willie now than than late great dr carl sagan but z green from pottsville oregon her pot land orient of and we're only if you're listening uh no other willie another debut willie's revved up paul stony all now sorry willie now from busy seem to cross cranston through many ages from yeo told and please please don't give a bad reputation to your nicknamed to ask a relevant question okay first of all are there any prove ruhr of eluned bay on the dark to the moon uh uh all right paul you alluded something on mars uh what about the moon what he's and i think of what two chapters abdul would ruin uh the soviets had been quite interested in the lunar research uh soviet astronomers have seen unusual being in were not a hazard them three four charge you will into newspaper her on the surface of the moon in i think chinese researchers know quite a lot of soviet an american research and what is it that the american no well yes a pri the very interesting of area for us to discuss little bit about paul thirty years ago third years ago we want to the moon and we have not yet been back with man since these and a lot of us wonder about that and there are a lot of you mentioned mars and the fact that somebody or something might not want us there he had it may well be that something or somebody doesn't want us in space period and and in it may be would allow us lowearth orbit which is where we are but not much beyond and and allowed us suspect that's why the manned space program has not gone beyond i think so even even to soviet attempts to create a socalled super fighting biological machine intended to do moon have failed again i have quite a waterboarded even abroad the kgb attempt to used luna horde to have somebody come along under luna horde due to pointed day had been very much interested in lunar research bought i found in my opinion they had not done it together with the american unlike dear marshon.

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