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Welcome to best seller TV. I'm Taryn Winter. Brill, We're here with Brian Hazel grin. He is the author of Positive People Make Things Happen. Exclamation Point. It's great having with us again. Thank you, Terry. Good to see you so This is your 16th book. It is. Wow. That's incredible beyond where is congratulations. Thank you. How do you decide what to write about? Well, actually, we found out that there was a market need So I'm in the health and wellness business. Our company focuses on healthy products, healthy services. Even the color of the book is based on healthy colors blue, green and orange. No kidding. Are literally according to science. Healthy colors make us feel better. So we found out that when we were talking to a lot of people in our system There was a lot of negativity like over the top negativity. And so I thought, well, At the time I wrote started writing the book. I was having some challenges in my own personal life, and I started thinking Well, what makes me happy? What Happiness is really a choice. How do I get myself to that level of feeling happy? And then also, how do I Motivate myself to be positive. So I just started writing down positive affirmations. One thing led to another. All of a sudden we had over 100 positive affirmations, and we decided to write a book. The second thing on this one was Then we said, Well, the book is great, But is there a training system that we can actually Move people into and take them through sequences of actually finding that level of positivity that they actually have within them, But they may not know about right. So it's called How high is your peak? You? That's kind of the companion guide to this? What do you mean by PQ? Positive quotient. So like how How's your I Q Your intelligence quotient? I looked at it from the standpoint of Well are we had a one or we had an eight and we had a 10. And the answer is we fluctuate all the time. What's the scale of 1 to 10? Don't OK, so 10 being the highest one being lowest. And in many cases will find even in our own personal lives that today I might be a to check. Why is that? Well, there might be many mitigating factors to that It could be our diet could be our exercise could be traumatic event or things that happened in her life. But the point is at that point in life. We have to step back. Take a breath. Literally think about what makes me positive. What makes me happy? There's a section in the study guide that talks more about having a gratitude list. That's one area. Was also a section about the type of supplements that actually helped reduce stress and exercise how it helps reduce stress, So it's not just a poly Anna type attitude of always trying to be the most positive person in the room. It's a combination of many different things that we looked at, and I started just writing down things and trying to figure out moving from one element to the next. How can we get to that hole? Realm of positivity and actually maintain that balance in our life instead of jumping from a two or even a woman all the way up to a 10. How do we find that oil is to try to keep some sort of kind of baseline. And Brian? The workbook has 10 attributes of a positive person, which is great. Just give us one or two. That kind of stick out. Probably the one that's easiest to talk about is trying to see the good in everything. Sometimes there are things that happen in our lives that we don't have control of, and we may look at that and say my life is completely utterly devastated right now. Yet there might be a bigger picture, which would be another attribute of a positive person. Let's look What's your I r s problem Do you owe back taxes? Is there a lien placed on your property? Have your bank account's been frozen or seized? Have your wages been garnished? Are you being audited by the I R s? Are they sending you letters that demand actions and have urgent due dates? Well, solving your tax problems is as easy as calling taxes. 3 to 1 on the I r s is the largest collection agency in the world. You need the best representation to give you peace. Peace of mind. You need experienced professionals that can cut through the red tape and stop the collection process. If you have a serious.

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