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Well, let's say the next four or five hours. Well, basically dies, just hunkering down and staying indoors. You know, no one should be going outdoors at this point. Especially now, with the wind, really starting to pick up. Somebody is more severe squall lines moving through Central Pascoe. Heavy rain. Pasco County schools cancelled school for tomorrow. So that obviously was a good bull. Just keep everyone inside and safe or at least the next 12 hours. Yeah, I'm looking at the radar right now. All the way from Indian rocks, Speech up Largo Clearwater done eating up to Tarpon Springs. Some significant weather some some serious weather heading your way are already there at this point, Seacrest thanks so much for taking a couple of minutes to talk to us this evening. Good luck. Tomorrow morning tea crabs from 95 3. W D a E with us here on Operation Storm Watch. Thanks again. Thanks to you. Guys, they they appreciate it. My body. What you didn't know Ryan is that he's technically 7 ft five and he was actually the first person to know when it rained in Pasco County. That that that I wanted to ask him just to see that because T crabs. You you talk to him more than I do. He's tight with the raise people. I mean, raise. I mean, are they going to be able to hang on to Charlie Morton, and those will see that they're trying to keep together. Ah, world Siri's team we they didn't win. We want them to go back next year, and hopefully next year we'll be able to be in the stands. Toe. Watch it. It sounded like the Met's offered him a deal. I don't know if you heard that someone like the offered him about $8 million You made 15 year with the race, so That's a great deal for the Mets. If he takes our I don't expect him to leave the state of floor when it comes to spring training because he has his family down here, But, yeah, I mean, it's not an opportunity. I think it's almost one of those things where there's smoke. There's fire if he was going to stay with the raise. I think he would have already come out and said, Hey, I'm just going to stay with Reyes and hunker down here for another year, But he hasn't said that. So for me, kind of gives me the feeling that he's looking elsewhere. Don't the race have like eight guys come back from Tommy John surgery, so they'll have somebody to replace they do, But I think it's more of a you know as much as he brings on the field to with his leadership, Ryan, I think off the field as well. I mean, this is a better and this is a guy that it's more about quality. You know what he brings. He's just a quality human being such a good guy, so down Earth and such a calming influence for that raise team, so You're going to if they don't have him. They're going to miss a lot. Not just the things that he performs on the pitching rubber. Don't as much as I joked about the raise there like the last team I'm worried about. I mean, they just always seemed. They always do right that this guy was doing the best run baseball operation in the entire game. Alright, joining us now we have from our country station. Scotty Davis. Mom is on the line with us out my main Seminole and Indian Rocks. Beach that area. Scotty, What are things like? You guys were getting some pretty heavy weather right now, aren't you? Yeah, About 29 Mile an hour winds. It's gusty, and we're getting sideways Rain and my poles about ready just overflow. So I'm gonna have to hold up for the guy comes to clean tomorrow. You got to go. You got the guy all set to come clean it tomorrow. Can't you like on top Now? He comes in every Thursday. He comes every Thursday. My puck Sadie, she goes fricking crazy. So Scott and I wanted to. I wanted to ask you, Scotty. Real quick about your animals. B. I know you, man. You love your animals, my friend. And what kind of precautions to somebody like yourself living where you live? What kind of extra precautions do you take for your animals? Well, it's kind of funny because my first moved here I was on golf Boulevard was right by my mom was a mall lovers crazies, and then I moved up to 141st Street and then I moved a little bit further up, So I'm out of the flood. I don't have to worry about getting flooded out or getting evacuate. Usually You know some crazy girl, but we don't really take that money for cautions like my boy Pug. Gus is he's older and he started loses hearing. So the thunder win. So you know all those sounds. They don't bother him. And Josie, you finally said poor guy comes over. Makes my dog Sadie and Sadie passed away two years ago. Fine. I'm thinking about female punks. So the replacement was Josie and she's She doesn't care. She's on your lab. She's good, but you do have to take precautions. There are dogs freak out when you know the wind blows and thunder lightning that kind of stuff. I had a friend that had a dog that used to run through doors when that happened, so He should be careful. We're joined by us. One of three fives. Scotty Davis. Here on Operation Storm Watch. See the biggest thing for May. And I've been trying to figure this out now. How many operas can you Will Your dogs go out if it's raining because Stets increase staring me down right now. He wants to go outside, Okay, but he doesn't understand. There's a tropical storm out there. And the minute we get out there. He's not gonna like it. And this is gonna be a whole thing I got to deal with tonight. So I'm trying to. I'm ready to pop a Xanax just because I know what I'm about to go. Through with my dog, you know, not liking it when it's raining out there. What about do you just have like a back yard? You can let him go. If they go, they go. If not no big deal, or do you have to do the whole walking thing? First off. Let me tell you. You are not the only person in Florida right now Popping Xanax. Just take dog for my daughter's hand. Good. Um I should rephrase that. Gus. The older boy, he is good man. You take him out to him on the ground. He's like, Oh, son, we're gonna be okay. And he goes. You take Josie out. She's like I'm not getting anywhere. She didn't want to step out on the concrete. She wanted to do it. I got by that because I got to take him out by the pool. And then on the back the back gate. Get him in the art. I have to like it. We got these. We got this, Uh, like these concrete blocks that lead up into the that's also walk on in the yard. She's family walks on a little concrete walking area. She didn't like, get a ball, but she goes. It's just a pain in the ass. I'm out there getting Still drenched, trying to get her to pay that she's gotta people force goes about Ain't about Scotty. We've talked over the years. Just you're just one of the most down earth. None of the nice guys. I know you just talk about how the community kind of comes together during situations like this helping people out whether it's a flood or, you know somebody loses power or things like that to some of the stuff you experienced man. I know we've got to talk about it all fair a couple times, But through some of these tough times, Ah, lot of good comes out of it. Why, and you know the one thing that I'm glad you guys you brought that up because there's so many new people have moved to Florida. You know this little storm that we're getting right now this.

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