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So instead of going after scarecrow how about return ourselves in get this get this turn them selves in. And then we're going to post bail and then worked from the shadows to take out scarecrow. How does that why. Why are you doing this. Why maybe it's the absence tool king. I don't know. I hope it is. Because it's i mean now like i said he. Does it say like all good plan. So all i got. Is this bad plan so points for self awareness on that but it's not self aware enough to going okay. So let me get this straight. You wanna go surrender yourself to the gotham city police where you'll be processed booked. Your mask removed your identity identities exposed incarcerated until someone post bail for you who that is. I don't know whoever has you know. The is in control of the wayne bank account at this point. I don't know and then okay you're just going to leave. And then now after that you're going to work from the shadows and stage what some kind of covert operation that you could stage anyway with without turning yourself in. Am i missing something with this grand plan of yours dick grayson. I this tight. You lights writers. It's it's the conduct plan he would. Somebody would come up with if they had gone to the bar. it had a few drinks. Liberals like positively. You know i'll go grab the. I got a great idea. How about this guys totally wasted. You know when you have this incredibly insane conversations and somebody's had one too many yes that's like. Listen me on this. This is good. This is good trust me. This is good so so we're gonna tear it ourselves to the pace as gotta be awesome kid would have made way more sense and like you said like. Oh yeah oh hell is breaking loose. Let's go hang out and drink absent and get romantic. Google guide in each other for a few minutes. Yeah talk about going to steal stuff. Yeah let's flirt about stealing stuff again like because that wasn't wrong the first time okay. We're gonna let's like this is kind of like our little thing as we rekindle our romance. That's why hummus breathe this i of relief and he's like. Oh yeah we have to get down to business. Here's my plan is like okay. They're going to discuss. Plan is going to be good and then we get what the hell.

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