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At the home depot dealers get more done bus was last lecture by storm ten ten wins accu weather says partly cloudy and brisk overnight we expect a low of twenty four in midtown but in some suburbs will drop as low as eighteen overnight not as harsh tomorrow high forty three lots of sunshine increasing clouds Sunday night lo thirty six said Monday a high fifty five expected under gray skies could get an evening shower then rain for Tuesday but mild temperatures high fifty eight good evening I'm Donavan wins news time at the tone will be nine thirty good evening Monique Kobyla after a week of a reduction in violence the United States signed an historic peace agreement with the Taliban which could signal an end to America's longest war bringing an end to eighteen years of bloodshed in Afghanistan and allowing US troops to come home under the deal signed in Doha the U. S. draws down its forces from thirteen thousand to eighty six hundred in the next three to four months and pulled out the remaining forces in fourteen months depending on the Taliban meeting their commitments to prevent terrorism if they don't secretary of state Mike Pompeii says president trump and his team will not hesitate to do what we must do to protect American lives meanwhile in Afghanistan secretary of defense mark esper told U. S. troops their sacrifice is what led to this historic deal this is the best chance Afghanistan has had in nineteen years to achieve peace more than twenty four hundred U. S. troops have been killed during the conflict I'm Julie Walker according to the agreement the Taliban will start intra Afghan negotiations with Afghan sides on March tenth with news time nine thirty one transit.

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