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Radio. We're coming down the home stretch of Ohio State. Penn State Penn State's down Two TV fuss. Oh, picked off Pass, maybe a pick six. Now they tackle him inside 10. That's the last nail in the coffin for Penn State, but our state's gonna be Penn State here. Another good day for Justin Fields. He's already thrown 300 yards and four touchdowns. Some people were talking that Justin Fields as Not a chance to be the number one pick in the upcoming draft. I happen to be a big trouble, Lawrence guy, but it doesn't mean I'm not a big guy Field guy, you know, to franchise tanking quarterbacks at top of the draft. Is it one in one day or is it one and two in your eyes? No, I think it's one of one. And I mean, I think these are two different styles, contrasting styles. When you look at the quarterbacks, we know that travel large of the guy who you know is AH, Pro style quarterback. I have lived in a mobility but definite likes to stay in the pocket to throw the ball around. Ah, lot. He reminds me a little bit of a Peyton Manning. You know, a guy who's not going, You're not going to take off run for 100 yards in a game, but he's gonna be ableto directed offense taken break things down. I think it was Justin Field. You're looking a guy you could Not only run with the football, but a guy who's got a strong arm. A guy had some mobility. We're seeing a lot more NFL teams kind of leaning in that direction. Now looking for maybe a dual threat quarterback. Will you take a risk on that? Whereas before over the longest on the NFL really hot shot with the Tampa guy? I think Justin here could be like that he put together a strong performance. Especially now that you see Trevor Laurence going miss. Probably this weekend's game against art, and we know he's going against Notre Dame if he misses another game again, just infield play eight games of the boat. Nine games. Really, So there's an opportunity there for him to make a big statement, So if you continue to play the lead level, I think you could find his way in the top 15 of the draft as well in the first round. The calls that I the motor calls I got in our number one and I started college football Wass about Michigan and lost a to Michigan State your opinion? The most embarrassing loss in the gym, Harbaugh era at AA and Arbor since he got there. Yeah, I think it's a big one. And then you know again. There's a couple of his had done in his career. But when you think about where they were at that came off that big win against Minnesota. They look dominant. Going against the Michigan State team that was coming off a few know Ping lost Rutgers and lose the way you do and fall. What is 16 versatile? How state of Michigan State at home? That's disappointing and and and and you wonder what steps do you have to continue to make, you know, Wave your Michigan because at some point, you know Jim Harbaugh. It's done a great job of getting count in there, but it doesn't mean the transplanting the field so much and wins and losses. So I'm not saying that the Michigan glass let's fire Jim Marble, but you gotta wonder. You know some point. When do you take that next step, And he hasn't been able to do that yet on bees are frustrating fan when you lose to your rival, you know, he's the both. You're liable. It's frustrating, and I'm sure if they lose, though, how state as well again this year, it's really going to tip over. So you know it's one lakh, but it's a very hurtful lots of Michigan. It wass and wonder calls add on said he wants Jim Marble fired now. Not 20 minutes from now, not two days from now, not a week from that now, as in this very minute, I said, that's just not happening. You don't think any coach is going to get fired during a pandemic, do you? You know, I don't think so. I mean, there's always going to be one or two schools. You were going to try to make a move because they feel like you know, the their boosters are fan base are really up in arms. I think it's going to be hard because of the pandemic and economic impact on a lot of schools are feeling a lot of coaches with a lot of big buyout that schools are going to be able to afford. Now, if a booster wants to come forward and write a check. Get a guy you know, to get rid of somebody. I don't think a school going stop that. But I also think that it's kind of a bad look. In some ways. I don't think they'll be nearly as many as we've seen in the past. Maybe one or two or three, depending on what happens, But I think It's going to be very little. I think one of those years based on talking with eighties and coaches that I just can't see a lot of schools, making a lot of moves left something they feel like it's just ultimately necessary. Sateen goes winless. You know, maybe they feel like you know that lock a fan base. Because it's just going to be hard to justify laying off staff and cutting costs and dropping programs like tennis and soccer and and swimming and then turn around and spend, you know, $17 million Fire football coach So I think it's going to be very like it's gonna happen. A lot of cases have to what happened in Michigan today. I'm sure they're certain. Ah Wolverine routers who hoped that Cove in 19 had hit the mission program a couple of days before this game in 2020. I'd cite it did is the Wisconsin program they had to cancel. Today's game and next week's game is certainly sits in a billion CE with upwards of 20 people having been tested positive on the program is the big 10 season in trouble or is just Wisconsin season in trouble. Well, you know, I thought I always thought when big tendon out there coming back that this was going to be a really difficult challenge for them Try to do eight games at eight weeks. I mean, again. We're seeing the country. The numbers are starting to grow again. We're seeing schools deal if that's what happened. Wisconsin again, they could lose another game, and if they lose a game that another team loses again, you're seeing Nebraska be impacted. Obviously, Nebraska tried to go out and get a non conference opponents try to sell this week with the conference that no was thinking conference. Only so I thought, I don't think this is it. I think there's going to be some other schools that get hit by. This will be similar program. That are going to be impacted by this scene. I think Purdue in Illinois, Illinois, lost a couple players of the Koga test. Purdue had its head coach, You know, tough positive for Coke, but I think you're going to see happen Other places. That's why I think Going into the playoffs collection. It's going to be very difficult for the committee because they're going to look around and say OK, let's say the winner out of big 10 only played seven games already six games. How can we justify them being in the top four? When you're looking at the sea in the sea, and those no confidence playing 10 11 12 games, so it's going to be very difficult, and I think the back I'm going to find about real quick next week, So I'll be interested to see how maybe some of these schools start to try to deal with it and what sort of repercussions If the committee were putting out its rankings this week, no today would have to be in the top four right? There are undefeated. They did end of Georgia Tech the way they were supposed to. Shortly after good. Wanna wait a week and see what they have to do against Clemson next week, But that would be against a Trevor Laurence. Let's Clemson led by D. J. Ooh! Ah Ooga Lei Lei. How did I do it? Yes. Ah, well, Hyuga, like okay was closed. Notre Dame's top four team in a potential college playoff team, right? Yeah, they are. This point..

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