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Numbers on Wall Street for this Friday here's Jeff clay bob By the close of that was up 835 points that's two and a half percent Money news in ten minutes on WTO Sports at 15 and 45 on WTO P Frank hanrahan what's happening Please no more war says capital star Alexander Ovechkin of Russia issuing his first comments following Russia's invasion of Ukraine ov earlier after a cap's practice It doesn't matter if who is in the war Russia Korean different countries I think we live in a world that we have to live in peace and Capital's visit the flyers tomorrow afternoon NBA in about 20 minutes or so wizards taking on the spurs first game post all star break for the wizards right now four games under 500 Marilyn women hosting Indiana tonight at 8 from college park battle of top 15 teams And it looks like Sean mcvay Ramsay coach is going to stay as coach telling ESPN that he is not pursuing any television opportunities and he is committed to helping the rams defend their Super Bowl title Frank had ran to be TLP sports All right thanks Frankie He is 6 46 Eric was way behind on his taxes How are a lot of money to the IRS Almost $15,000 I tried to make payments The IRS wasn't satisfied with Eric's efforts so they came after him full force They're coming to put a lean and a hold on all my income My home my car I was just overwhelmed and what to do Then Eric called optimum tax.

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