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Three weeks from critical health news dot com that's the website in the toll free number to call is one eight five five nine four nine seven two three four one eight five five nine four nine radio in about fifteen minutes or less will be taking your phone calls and I calls next hour as well health related issues I've got a whole slew of emails that have come in to with people who have questions for Ben pharmacist Ben welcome back to coast to coast let's not yours good to talk to you you too my friend you keeping busy. helping people trying to make them healthy that's the important now I can't even begin to tell you how satisfying it is. artificial blood yeah unbelievable on it things are coming up George in the future are you talking about drones of things that come up in the future are just so mind boggling it's it's it's half exciting in the past. and we're looking at the end of it we're looking at the beginning of a new app pocket inhumanity in another words with prosthetics with a on my artificial limbs that are controlled by fox holes that are that are being turned into computer chips into information processors connected up to computers this is what the New World is about genetic technology being able to change the jeans inside in utero there's some amazing amazing things that are half a minute half mind blowing in half. indeed okay we've got a whole bunch of emails here before we get to the break and phone calls let's go through a Lisa in Pocatello Idaho says what is your opinion on the alkaline water no I I hear about this all the time the union body had has a T. H. control systems so that will be about PH PH is a measurement acid alkaline things are either CITIC which means they're spewing out energy or their alkaline which means they're sucking up energy alkaline for the vacuum cleaner the product of energy acid is like a fountain misuse energy by energy and talk about electrical energy technically electrons when we eat food the food goes into our blood and if the blood is not alkaline it's not a vacuum cleaner we can't get the energy out of food if the blood is acidic we are we become malnourished not only that but acids represent a strength and a burden on the body so there's a lot of thought about how can we make the body more alkaline and make the inside the body more alkaline interestingly this can't happen to be added but inside the body needs alkaline so there's all kinds of devices and and waters and techniques to make the body the big blood alkaline so can suck up energy more efficiently well it turns out that nature has the perfect way the easiest way to make the blood alkaline you don't need to go to the.

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