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They've seen other players <hes> you know get to their thirties and get to the thirty mark mark twenty nine for andrew lock and say i'm done <hes>. It's physically tolling on the body. It's it just kills you especially so you look at gronk and andrew lock. Those two positions wide receivers tight ends quarterbacks. I mean they're they're getting hit with a different force than your line not to take anything away from how hard linemen work or any of that stuff obviously they hit two and every single single play. They're good night. There's no you're right yeah but a wider sarah injuries are just different. They're different enemies and ankles and hips back down. Yeah <hes> and i think the other thing too is if you you start you look at what we've seen the last couple years with like <hes> shazier like those types of of injuries where it could be i. I mean you're talking. Not just oh you know i heard an ankle or i broke a leg paralyzed. I mean you you thinking about actually losing the function of of part of your body. I mean she had an amazing recovery. Yeah it's out there catching football yeah but it wasn't guarantee that that was going to happen wasn't guaranteed to stand or walk the yeah yeah so in one of these days are going to get a player. That's just you know soon that's completely paralyzed and on the whole the whole reason why i even brought up <hes> <hes> <hes> all the herbs and all that business. I know it's herb herb. The this all came up because gronk is he's partnering partnering with a c._d. Company he's he's. He was advocating that at least at the minimum athletes should be able to use c._d. In professional sports i won't get into the whole the difference between c._d._c. All that business but i mean you're gonna. That's very he's got a a very valid. Point could do a whole show on the whole subject yeah. It's just like it's just like <hes> states and we live in a state that has made it legal and and it's just like alcohol in the state where yeah you can go home after work and have a drink has many as you want technically. Don't do anything stupid. Don't drive and it's the same thing with marijuana. You can go home. Smoke it. You eat it. Do whatever you want to do with it. Just don't do anything stupid right and n._f._l. Players can go home and have a drink if if i'm with i'm with the majority of with a whole lot of people and what they should just be allowed. You're going going to have those players. That would abuse it. I get it but it's been especially those the c._d. Thing is starting to see everywhere and i was at a convenience store today <hes> and receive a d. water and i'm like kay. She tried so you can't with my job unfortunately so <hes> but no oh yeah i mean it's it's i think that back to the the main thing but yeah you're gonna start seeing that trend <hes> i don't know if it'll be like blatant and like oh volley crap got this massive amount of players retiring at twenty eight yeah no i. You'll just start seeing your of note. You'll definitely notice it. There's going to be as i think. There'll be a lot especially when it comes to like quarterbacks and all that but there's going to be less. Tom brady's planning tiller forty two forty. One however lee is <hes> but you you see the the general the general kind of trying to find the word..

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