Apple, Florida discussed on The Laravel Podcast - Episode 44: I Like The CranApple


Anyways rant over but yeah when i get those emails i have a snippet of plus cancel and then it to sell some exactly how to do that so i have it for every possible common question you could get like students sometimes when coupons so i have a snippet that ask for their um university student id so i can give them a coupon you know that's a really safe you'll huge amount of time outgoing question what is the best fruit juice i'm a big cranberry guy oh yeah i like the caribbean electrolyte that alike variations on curb rail like the korean apple uh a dig at like the current apple i'm a fan i think i might just go with like a good like every once in a while you get a perfect orange juice it's almost impossible to fat but every once in a while like if you're at a restaurant you get this big glass of sugary orange juice i never realised as a kid that juices just covered in sugar that actually terribly youths idealism like wow this is like liquid health and you find out no there's a hunts of sugar almost as much as a regular coq it's a it's crazy what about on so i live in florida the but i didn't grow up in florida so growing up i liked orange juice lie that same problem and drink a couple of glasses or a day and i don't think it contributed to much my health i think i might have said either cranberry mixed 'cause we would by all those like organic click cranberry blueberry clinked cranberry whatever one's grapefruit i feel great future sittings underappreciated and reflected drink it every day but i think it's like it's a little tart right it doesn't have that sweetness quite so much you feel healthy but then i moved to florida and i get fresh orange juice like on the regular and now i don't think anything else can compare but we i was actually thinking about it because we got the um the the freezer stuff where you buy like the low can from the freezin' mix it up on the other week because like we're trying to be all frugal and stuff in was awful it's really bad it is it.

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