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Richard. I'm John chamois. Good morning. Thanks for being with us. Big news of the weekend. We are putting some of our military might in the backyard of Iran. Yeah. There's a lot of saber rattling going on right now tends to make you a little bit on the nervous side. Joining us Senator disc institute. Pittsburgh news line CBS's military analysts. Former army Colonel Jeff McCausland, Colonel good morning. Hey, Larry, good morning to you. So Colonel just how much military own for we sending that direction. A lot of military oath. The net director ABRAHAM LINCOLN care task force which was in the Mediterranean to shoots canal and the red shake and eventually to the Persian Gulf. In addition to that, we're sending a large number of bombers into the region as a show of force to determine Iran from what is unspecified threats by the Iranians against US military forces and our allies in the region. How significant is this Colonel? I think it's very skinny time. You start moving large military forces around. There's always that possibility of somebody miss communicating an air being made a shot being fired and things escalating rapidly. And it comes on the heels as well. A dramatic increase in tensions in with raw and across the region. United States, of course, has imposed economic sanctions back on Ron after pulling out of the Iranian nuclear deal for a time. We had waived those sanctions against other countries trading with Iran, most notably our allies Korea, Japan and Turkey as well. As India and China Trump administration has said those waivers will be ended. And sanctions we placed on those countries if they continue to trade and oil with her on and the last leaves the Trump administration has declared the Iranian Revolutionary Guard an actual terrorist organization. So all that is ratcheting up tensions across the region. In response the Iranians of clothes. The straits of Hormuz and actually declared the entire US military a terrorist organization. You know, Colonel the Iranian Foreign Minister in a recent interview with sixty minutes made the point that Iran felt like those around President Trump, we're pushing him towards this and name specifically Bolton Netanyahu pushing the president towards some sort of a confrontation with Iran. Do you think there's some validity to that? There's some validity to that. There's no doubt about it. At John Bolton has been extreme hor liner with respect to Iran for many many years, and it was unusual in this announcement on the movement of the USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN task force that was made by national security adviser Bolton that's curious to me because I don't recall that happening in past again. He's an advisory not really the chain of command and announcement of the moving of large US military forces would normally be by the president the secretary of defense and the chain of command or perhaps the chairman of the joint chiefs, Mr. Bolton as well. As secretary of state Pompeo have been the most outspoken critics ever on ener kalihi hardliners. And finally, of course, President Trump has been a staunch supporter of Israel, and particularly the Netanyahu government at this particular moment as well we see ratchet tensions in that region with. In the Gaza Strip launching up to six hundred rockets on days, Rayleigh territory. Oh the weekend. And it's -nificant number of airstrikes by Israel in response with the death of four or five people, unfortunately in Israel and more than twenty people in the Gaza Strip Colonel in the early part of the Trump administration. He had some pretty powerful generals around him who would temper this kind of talk a little bit. Or you got the impression they would. But those people aren't there anymore. That's true. And the people that he is brought around. Anyway, you suggested are much more hard line about her on secretary of defense. Shanahan has been very quiet about this. But frankly Shanahan is not known as a major policy figure, and he's still an acting secretary of defense. Clearly, the one person it still has around the president the chairman joint chiefs of staff general Dunford, who I would think would be a moderating voice that we haven't seen much done in these particular discussions, and one wonders how much advise the president's actually listening from the eyes of the world will be watching our fleet headed toward the region. We appreciate your expertise as always Colonel. Thank you. Thank you guys. CBS military analyst and retired. Army Colonel Jeff Macon's Lynn. Yeah. And about twelve hours ago. Yeah. Twelve hours ago, the president tweeted once again is real faces a barrage of deadly rocket attacks, by terrorist groups, moss and Islam achieve hod. We. Support Israel hundred percent in its defense of its citizens to the Gazan people these terrorist acts against Israel will bring you nothing but more misery in the violence and work towards peace. It can happen. The president ordered Twitter last night. Oh, this topic. Meanwhile on the lighter side, if you are one of those binge watchers or watching all these shows game of thrones being the biggie on TV right now, probably game of thrones. And then avengers endgame are both big on you don't want to see a spoiler. So how do you avoid them? Here's Jonathan gig Liatti..

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