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Subaru retailers of new england allwheeldrive traffic on the threes what are you seeing in your cameras well i'm certainly seeing a bit of a slowdown out there west of town on 495 on the northbound side laureates very heavy approaching two i believe we may have a minor crash out there thumbs get you back to return watch out for that otherwise we had heard of a very large pothole it is pothole season you note sitting on the rim from route nine in framing him to the pike east i think they're out there trying to fix that right now add nothing too bad of a delay getting by this pothole crew but something to watch for otherwise the pike itself the westbound side actually does okay now through newton corner getting up has won twenty eight and getting by route nine as well south of town one 28 is in great shape in both directions between the pike in 24 no problems on 95 or 24 we had a car off the road on ramp from 495 north to twenty four northbound i believe that that's been cleared three southbound's heavy down to the bergen parkway but even then it's more of a break tap situation than anything else the expressway northbound is good and southbound just hold up right by south bay and again right by the split downtown everybody's heading over toward the gardens of things are a little bit slow in store we spend still backdoor the long fellow bridge and of course run causeway street et cetera but it looks like so far the dacas all right though leverett connector is eased out airport tunnels aren't too bad to open up on very heavy round the loop ram north of town 128's northbound finally starting to ease out through peavy next report seven 23 wbz's traffic on the 3s pumped city stumbles of tough his nails wbz 103 say 'let's eight o'clock this show is a construction show but we will be talking but all the ins and outs of every other aspect of life tune in on saturday nights at eight o'clock on wbz's do have roughly at last checks seven hundred and twelve customers as they say homes and businesses without electricity stay why they're scattered all those still really got hit with the majority of the.

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